Album Review: Mortal Infinity – District Destruction

June 28, 2012

Heavy Metal News District Destruction Mortal Infinity ReviewWhen sitting down and listening to Mortal Infinity’s District Destruction I noticed something on my page that I have never really seen before: it was a series of slashes (/). In other words I was saying the band was a bit of one thing, and a bit of another.

What’s funny about that is I don’t normally compare one band to another because I like the music of one to stand on its own. When it came to Mortal Infinity I really had no choice because their sound is very much a cross of many different sounds that when blended I couldn’t put my finger on. What’s worse is when you hear the slashes your going to think I’m mad and that no band could blend these things together.

For instance their sound is cross of German Thrash/Groove Metal. The constant banging beats are in each and every track, but a groove is displayed that sucks you in to each and every track.

They use elements of Death/New Wave of Thrash. How? I don’t really know or care. The fact is the sound is unique and certainly worth adding to your personal collection.

Their time frame is 2009/1976. In other words they started in 2009, but you would swear to god they have been playing together since 1976.

They have influences from Metallica/Sodom/Lamb of God/Testament… yes it’s possible and found on this album.

As you can see much like the band’s sound this review is a bit unorthodox. I can’t get into long winded song descriptions because when you listen to this album you get what you get. Everyone is going to hear something different and revel in an actual sound you haven’t heard before. Whatever you hear from this album will be quite simply what you are left with.

To sum up there is one more slash I left out. District Destruction is sick/awesome!

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