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June 27, 2012

Heavy Metal News Project Mars Review

I’m not big on covering albums that haven’t come out yet or are a few months away, but when I heard the blistering hard rock of Ottawa’s Project Mars I felt compelled to put it out there a little early for you all.

Check out their single: and head back to agree with everything I say.

The song is a tribute to Canadian soldiers and was written by the band after they found out former bass player Jordon Elliott was sentenced… I mean stationed in Afghanistan. Before leaving he handed his guitar off to guitarist Jason Connelly in the hopes that if something bad happened to him, someone would write some good music on it.

For me the reason this song is so important speaks to artists paying tribute to the reason for our freedom, and from a music stand point the song stands alone in today’s heavy rock market. I continue to refer to it as “the track,” but the hit “Don’t Hold Back” off the album of the same name coming in September should be a lesson to the beer soaked hard rockers of today. YOU CAN MAKE ROCKING MUSIC THAT ACTUALLY MEANS SOMETHING. If I have to hear Nickelback sing about a bar one more time I’m going to snap.

The vocals of Ron Henry highlight a band that puts heart in their music. They are going an extra step when it’s just as easy to bow down and sing about cocaine. I appreciate their passion and most importantly I appreciate their sound!

Give them a look at

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