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June 26, 2012

Heavy Metal News Top Ten Iron Maiden

This week we are going to take something from my opinion and my opinion alone. I was asked just the other day by METALVERONA what the best concerts were I’ve personally seen. Each year I run through a list of the Top Ten shows I saw for the year, but in this list I’m going to reach back and share some of my favorite memories with you from shows I’ve seen:

10 – Three Days Grace (Montreal) – the band was heavily criticized for taking part in the inaugural Heavy MTL festival, but I didn’t really care as I was really digging the band and the album One X. We had a brief autograph signing with them and when they opened the show with Riot I was hooked. Great energy and their post grunge sound seemed to be plenty heavy for those in attendance.

9 – Iron Maiden (Montreal) – from the same festival as TDG, Iron Maiden closed the first night with their Somewhere Back in Time set and I was blown away. Seeing them live was a true treat for me and they blew away anything I thought of them. Bruce was in amazing shape and the crowd was truly appreciating what they saw.

8 – Black Label Society (Halifax) – we were covering this show for the site and being a major fan of BLS it was incredible to be in the pit and watching the guys gear up and get ready to take the stage. The album Order of the Black had just dropped and the crowd sang along to every new track that came off the stage that night.

7 – Bret Michael (Halifax) – I wasn’t expecting a lot when we went in to cover this show, but Morgan is a major glam fan and Michaels is a big reason for that. By the time the show was over I was smiling my drunk ass off. Bret played all the Poison stuff and it was one of those rare nights where you know every song and just let yourself go to the music.

Heavy Metal News Cancer Bats Top Ten

6 – Cancer Bats (Halifax) – the night was a co-headliner spot with 3 Inches of Blood and to say that CB left it all on stage would be an understatement. The crowd was banging their asses off and the energy in the venue was off the charts. This was one of the most action packed shows I have ever seen and proves how big the Cancer Bats should be.

5 – Metallica (Moncton) – it was the Justice tour. Does anything really need to be said other than that. I was quite young and in total awe of thrash metal in general. I never thought Metallica was quite the same after that album and I’m quite fortunate I was able to witness them pre-black album.

4 – Motley Crue (Halifax) – as you know we worship Motley and having them in our hometown was an experience that cemented my love for them. The Carnival of Sins tour was in full effect and Crue brought Halifax a rude and crude show unlike anything they had ever seen before.

3 – Motorhead (Moncton) – I never even knew what I was seeing at the time, but looking back I wish I had paid proper homage to the godfather on the stage. Lemmy was incredible and I will say that to this day they were by far the loudest band I have ever heard.

2 – Chickenfoot (Halifax) – I have idolized Sammy Hagar since I was young and to be in the photo pit while he rocked an album from front to back that I loved was an experience I thought could never be topped. This was an outside event for our Canadian Troops and the atmosphere was just amazing.

Heavy Metal News Motley Crue Top Ten Las Vegas

1 – Motley Crue (Las Vegas) – we interviewed Mick Mars twice, sucked in the atmosphere of Las Vegas and basked in the glory of a Crue show that was built for fans. This concert was so good I am literally taking a break from shows because I can’t imagine what could top this.

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