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Album Review: Jorn – Bring Heavy Rock To The Land

June 24, 2012

Jorn Heavy Metal News Bring Heavy Rock To The LandMy name is Martell and I’m a “Jornaholic!” Everyone who reads this site knows how I feel about the Norwegian Dio. His crystal clear voice and song writing is something I look forward to no matter what project he is involved with. With over two million albums sold in this music industry it appears I’m not the only one.

I have had Jorn Lande’s music in my life since his appearances with Masterplan, all of his solo work, and this Allen Lande project that just took orchestra related metal to a whole new playing field. Every album Jorn produces is different and innovative in its own subtle ways, but he never loses that straight forward metal approach that has anchored his career.

Jorn’s latest album Bring Heavy Rock To The Land is no exception in innovation; only in a much different way than his previous work. This time Jorn puts the straight forward metal to the side and brings us a hard rock oriented album that shows a mature musician that understands song writing and performance will win no matter what the genre.

Don’t get me wrong, tracks like “I Came to Rock” and “Ride to the Guns” are anthem style metal songs that will make old fans smile and send new fans to ITunes to pick up his past catalogue. Even the Allen Lande sound is apparent with “Chains Around You.” I say all this to comfort you because Jorn took a chance on “Bring Heavy Rock To The Land” by laying emotion on the table for all of us to explore through his amazing voice.

“My Road” opens the album and you know right away you are in for something different. The track is slow and powerful. It sums up perfectly the point in his career where Jorn is; a brilliant musician that wants to take you on a journey most metal fans have never been on before.

To bring this point home Jorn gives us my favorite track “Black Morning.” This bluesy song is sensational in every sense. Jorn’s voice is stellar and inspirational. This track could easily go onto mainstream success and the music world would be a better place if it did.

Heavy Metal News: Jorn Lande

In a world where we are inundated with hard rock acts singing about bagging ladies and drinking beer it has taken a metal man to step forward and show how memorable and life changing the genre can be. You’ve done it again Jorn; so much for my twelve step program.

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