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Album Review: Resurgency – False Enlightenment

June 21, 2012

Heavy Metal News Resurgency False Enlightenment Reviewwww.myspace.com/resurgency talks about a band that uses death metal to show “the wrong perverted mirroring of the truth presented to mankind. Don’t worry, I didn’t really get it either; but if their passionate I certainly appreciate the effort.

The album is out and getting the vinyl treatment later on and I can see why. The band is a definite throw back to the days of Death Metal being belted with emotion and reckless abandon. Resurgency isn’t trying to be your friend on False Enlightenment, they’re just trying to prove that Death Metal is alive and well.

I create my own paradox by going on about bands having to be innovative and new and then turning around and telling you flat out that a band like Resurgency offers nothing new, but I encourage you to give it a listen all the same. The reason for that is, when your metal is this good… you keep doing it! To quote an old farmer, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

When you get into songs like “Ending the Beginning” and the title track “False Enlightenment” you will find it hard to believe this band isn’t a group of veterans that have been performing for 20 years together. That is a quite a statement considering they have only been around since 2009.

Adding to this is the stand out performance of vocalist John P that stabilizes the often chaotic and flustered sound the band produces. If I had any criticisms it would be the guitars at times get buried in the mix, but when you have a growl/bark like John you have to let a star shine.

After looking at it a bit more maybe doing the old stuff well is new!

Heavy Metal News False Enlightenment Resurgency Pic

Although this review is unorganized I did it to make a point that is much like Resurgency. You can be frantic and chaotic, but still get your point and passion across in a manner that is pure metal. My passion here: a band that gets the roots of death metal and feels they need to be shared with a new generation in the proper way.

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