Top Ten Tuesday: Social Activists

June 19, 2012

Heavy Metal News Stryper Top Ten

Being a bit of a shit disturber or the more political term Social Activists myself I felt compelled to share with you some of the metal stars that go out of their way to promote causes close to their heart. From poverty to religion we have a wide range of stars putting themselves out there to help those less fortunate, or in some cases those that don’t even want the help.

I may not always agree with their methods or beliefs, but I respect them for using their celebrity for something other than profit:

10. Stryper – if you believe in the calling of religion as much as these guys you are willing to go to some great extremes. Stryper has preached the gospel to many people who don’t go to a metal concert expecting to hear it. You have to wonder if they knew people would heave the bibles back when they passed them out while opening for Anthrax.

9. Gojira – these French death metal stars write stories of environmental issues and what needs to be done to save our planet. The passion in the lyrics is evident and you have to respect them for preaching to a group that could stand up and actually make a difference, while most of their peers sing about more commercial horrors.

8. Body Count – Ice T’s short lived heavy metal rap project had a major hit called “Cop Killer.” Everyone knew the song and the controversy, but few knew it was in protest to the Rodney King hearings. Cop Killer was almost a look at the future when the cops were found not guilty.

7. Dee Snider – the big hair and lip stick of Dee Snider showed up looking much more refined when he took on the Senate committee and Tipper Gore’s group of brainless mothers. Dee became the face of metal and the leader of getting the music noticed with freedom of speech being taken into account.

6. Wolves in the Throne Room – their look and their feel are very symbolic of how the band feels when it comes to the environment. They use their music to teach us all of the awful things that are happening to earth because of us. The harshness of their music might be the wakeup call most people need.

Heavy Metal News Anthrax Social Activists

5. Anthrax – they jumped on board the movement to treat vets that had been exposed to the chemical of the same name. Other stars joined, but when the soldiers were storming the gate they weren’t listening to Bob Dylan… they were listening to Anthrax.

4. Black Sabbath – the founders of metal used their legion of fans in the song “War Pigs” to show the insanity that follows war. Although Sabbath may have been against the hippie movement in most ways they certainly came close to joining the peace loving bastards with this track.

3. Dave Mustaine – I could name you a million Megadeth songs that deal with politics and war, but Dave does more as he stands up and debates with people the merits of government. He even hosted Rock the Vote for MTV. Dave believes young people need to be more involved in the political system.

2. Tom Morello – What doesn’t Tom stand up and fight for. It seems if the Justin Biebers of the world throwing money around doesn’t fix things, than they call in Tom Morello to get the point across. He fights for the true freedom that America should have, not the perceived ideal we are fed.

Heavy Metal Blogs: Dio

1. Ronnie James Dio – we all know of the recent work his charity Stand Up and Shout has done, but what most don’t realize is Dio was one of the founders of Hear N Aid; he worked with Rock Against Drugs; Children of the Night; and numerous others. Dio never claimed to be a humanitarian, but that’s exactly what he was!

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