Rerelease Review: Fates Warning – Inside Out

June 17, 2012

Heavy Metal News Inside Out reviewedIt’s not often that I cover reissues or rereleases, but Fates Warning is such an iconic and important band that I felt it’s time they get the due they deserve and introducing you to one of the their more mainstream melodic albums is a good start.

The reissue of Inside Out by Metal Blade Records is from later in the bands career; 1994 just before they became another victim to the dark days of metal. This “expanded pack” features two audio discs and a DVD with some extras that hardcore fans will consider must haves.

The first disc is Inside Out featuring 10 re-mastered tracks that have done a very good job of keeping the authenticity and bringing out the technical skill that used to get buried in the mix. The second disc is 12 songs from the album in live form. I have to say the songs impressed me more here than in the re-mastered form because hearing these guys pull this off live it quite a wonderment. Quite literally something you have to hear to believe.

I never had the chance to view the DVD, but with 9 tracks and 10 bonus tracks I would say if you are a fan or new to the band this would be a good treat or a great place to start. The quality of the live disc is excellent so I can only imagine how it would come across on DVD.

At the beginning of the review I mentioned the importance of the band and I don’t say that lightly. Fates Warning are true pioneers of progressive metal. We hear a lot about Dream Theatre, but if not for the multiple lineup changes Fates Warning would easily be mentioned in the same breath. Their debut album 1984’s Night On Brocken started a wave of Progressive Metal that still effects the songs we hear today.

For me personally Inside Out isn’t my personal favorite from the band, but I think it is an excellent place to start if you are new to them. Once you hear the unique sound they create you will long for more. All you have to do is look back to the mid 80s and you will realize who truly brought progressive music to North America.

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