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Shadowseer: Carrying on the Traditions of Old School Metal

June 16, 2012

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The greatest tribute to heavy metal is the fact that it will always be relevant and timeless. Unlike most forms of modern music, metal has enjoyed a solid fan base for decades. Fortunately as a fan of metal music you are not limited to only listening to bands that have been around for twenty or thirty years. The underground scene of metal is alive and well. With a few clicks of a button you can become connected to new bands playing any sub-genre of metal imaginable. The purpose of this article is to introduce you to one such band known as Shadowseer.

Shadowseer is an old school heavy metal band comprised of five musicians. The band originates from Salt Lake City, UT in the fall of 2008. Each member has a wide range of musical inspirations ranging all genres. Specifically Shadowseer is influenced by legendary bands Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Slayer, Atheist, Avenged Sevenfold etc…. You can listen to some of Shadowseer’s Heavy Metal Music on their website. The band prides themselves on their ability to mix several different components of metal into their music. From the high soaring melodies of power metal to the speed and aggression of thrash to the heavy dark elements of death metal, chances are if you are a metalhead there is something for you in Shadowseer.

The band has huge aspirations for the future. They are not motivated by money or fame. Rather they simply want to get their music out there for those who are interested in giving it a listen. This quest has not always come easy. As any underground band Shadowseer has taken its lumps resulting in lessons learned the hard way. The most recent bump in the road for the band was the loss of their vocalist. If you have heard their music before then you might understand how hard it would have been to find a front man who can sing their style of Heavy Metal Music.

After a year of searching the band was finally given the fruits of their labor. Upon the first tryout with the new vocalist Shadowseer was sure they had found the missing piece. Since becoming a full band again members of Shadowseer are giving it their all recover from their year of stagnation. Their current goals are to play as many shows as possible and once again establish themselves as one of the best metal acts in Utah. Long term goals include recording a second album and producing a follow up tour to their successful 2011 Intoxitour. I look forward to hearing more from these guys and suggest giving their Heavy Metal Music a listen to.

Thanks for the read guys cheers.


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