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Album Review: WigWam – Wall Street

June 2, 2012

Heavy Metal News WigWam Wall Street ReviewAre they Glam? No! They are Norwegian Glam Kings! Hell; their lead singer is named Glam. Does that mean we love them? Goddamn right! Will this review be bias? By the time you’re done reading it you might think so, but the fact is after the heavy coverage we provided of the amazing 2009 “Non-Stop Rock N Roll” I was very scared of how WigWam could possibly follow it up.

We covered that album for months and Morgan still plays tracks from it daily. Our house could be Eastern Canada’s WigWam central. Our interview with Glam was the funniest thing we have ever done and made our bond with the band even stronger. With all that said; I was very concerned that Wall Street would disappoint and we would have to live on the nostalgia of Non-Stop Rock N Roll.

After the opening track “Wall Street,” all my fears were put to rest and I was back in the glam hands of Glam, Flash, Teeny, and Sporty:

“Wall Street” the track has all the elements of Glam with the modern twist that WigWam is able to incorporate. Glam’s voice has no hint of the accent he has been criticized for in the past and the harmony pulls the song into an instant sing along. This will be a massive hit live and a great way to start the album.

Flash gets to show off his chops in “OMG (Wish I Had A Gun).” Teeny also chimes in on guitar with some riffs that set this aside from a lot of European glam of today. The bass work was important for me to mention because ever since the days of the sunset strip bands have forgotten the importance of heavy rhythm to keep it metal.

“Victory is Sweet” features a very unusual opening and is one of those partial ballads that will confuse teens at a high school dance. It does have moments of the anthems I associate with the band so the arrangement is very strange. In the end you have to think of this as WigWam’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

WigWam has an amazing ability to incorporate power ballads and “Tides Will Turn” continues that trend. The track shows a maturity in the band you won’t find in any of their past stuff because it’s just a nice piece of music. As musicians the album Wall Street allows them to come into their own.

“Wrong Can Feel So Right” is my favorite track and something I added to my personal collection after only the first listen. It has a very classic feel with some acoustic guitar pieces and back up signing instead of the normal harmonizing. There is a solo by Teeny that is allowed to roam because Sporty on drums is steering the ship home.

As you can tell by my enthusiasm WigWam has surpassed anything they have done in the past. They have grown as musicians which only allowed their music to get better. I always wondered if they even took themselves seriously; after Wall Street WigWam has become all business.


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