Album Review: Otherwise – True Love Never Dies

May 30, 2012

Heavy Metal News Otherwise True Love Never Dies ReviewThey say that good guys finish last in this world. As your about to find out, that’s not always the case. As you can guess the Las Vegas band known as Otherwise are the proverbial “nice guys.” Adrian and Ryan Patrick have an intense passion for their music and treat every day like they are living a dream. The band talks at length about being modest and respectful, while showing proper tribute to those that came before you. This is refreshing in a young band.

The fact is Otherwise comes from what many consider the wasteland of music. Las Vegas is notorious for awful bands and a terrible local music scene. As a reviewer seeing a band come out of Las Vegas with this kind of gusto makes you take notice. May I go on the record and say the Las Vegas streak of sorry music may die with Otherwise.

To keep on the good guy theme I looked for things in their music that backed up their sentiments expressed earlier. I didn’t find a single thing! When it comes to the music Otherwise’s debut album “True Love Never Dies” is anthem after anthem of hard rock that will have you singing along after the first listen.

I enjoyed all the tracks, but wanted to point out four must listens. “Die For You” features excellent pacing and a solid hard edge that will drag metal fans to the front of the stage. The harder vocal pieces are the highlight and drive the lyrics home.

“Soilders” has gotten a lot of attention and was my first taste of the band. This is a very mainstream geared song, but will be a great catalyst to get attention to the other tracks on the album. The song became the first #1 song on Sirius Octane for an unsigned band.

I don’t normally like to use comparisons, but “Crimson” is how Daughtry started out and should have stayed. There is definite passion that comes through loud and clear in this track. Hard Rock the way I like it.

Heavy Metal News Otherwise Band Picture

Ending with “Vegas Girl” is fitting for me in this review because the song can’t be judged by its appearance in every sense. The song is sleazy and scummy and very well written. Once again with a comparison: if Every Rose Has It’s Thorn told a proper story it would be “Vegas Girl!”

I was drawn to Otherwise for their “nice guy” approach, but don’t let that fool you. When they take the stage it becomes about rocking you to your very core. Nice has nothing to do with this delivery of hard rock that borders on the dirty side of metal.

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