Top Ten Tuesday: Cheesy – But You Love It

May 15, 2012

Heavy Metal News Top Ten Cheesy RattThis week I want to look at those songs that you just love, but you really don’t want to admit it to anyone. Although heavy on the cheese and light on the meaning you know you have to smile when the first chord hits and your head starts that small bob. After checking out my list let me know if I missed any big ones. When I was looking at songs I realized this could easily be a Top 100 list:

10 – “Here I Go Again” Whitesnake – what can you say. This became one of the anthems of the 80s and although massively successful certainly makes me laugh a bit at the deep emotion Coverdale tries to put into the song. Even to this day if you say “here I go again” in a group; someone will chime in with the chorus.

9 – “Round & Round” Ratt – this was Ratt’s biggest hit and I have to ask; does anyone know what it’s about? The song grates on me a bit, but I can’t help getting the chorus stuck in my head and thinking of the big days of glam.

8 – “Seventeen” Winger – I’m not one of those Kip Winger haters, in fact our interview with him was a favorite of mine, but this song always creeped me out. I know he was looking at it from a younger angle; although the video didn’t help. Still a huge hit that keeps playing.

7 – “The Lumberjack” Jackyl – a chainsaw comes out on the stage, enough said. The effects of that chainsaw make the song laughable, but I still sing along when I hear it on the oldies stations. Maybe it’s the danger element!

6 – “We Will Rock You” Queen – it might be sacrilegious to talk ill of Queen, but when you’re Canadian you have heard this track in every hockey arena across the country. The song really has no meaning and is heavy, heavy, heavy on the cheese, but damn it’s fun.

Heavy Metal News Cheesy Queen Freddie Mercury

5 – “Cherry Pie” Warrant – what? What in the hell are they talking about? It certainly is a catchy song, but even Jani Lane (RIP) regretted this one. The ladies love to sing it, but I prefer apple.

4 – “Smokin In The Boys Room” Motley Crue – the bad boys of metal’s biggest crime was smoking in the boys room? Really? Come on! I have sung along at live shows, but this wasn’t a great move for their image overall.

3 – “The Final Countdown” Europe – my god. Most songs on here I love, but this one is the exception. I hate every lyric and chord from this iconic track. With that said… I always have it stuck in my head and know almost every word.

2 – “Rock You Like A Hurricane” Scorpions – this one wasn’t on my radar until The Simpsons talked about it being played at every airshow in the world. I went to an air show and there it was. Do any of us really wanted to be rocked like a hurricane? Apparently so!

Heavy Metal News Poison

1 – “ Unskinny Bop” Poison – I used to make fun of this song unmercifully, then something happened. I went to see Poison and ended up singing along with Bret Michaels right up to the “bop, bop, bop.” He put the mic in the crowd and everyone was eating it up. I have no idea what it means, but we certainly had fun with it.

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