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Artist Profile: Davey Suicide

May 12, 2012

Heavy Metal News Davey Suicide Profile

There is a publicist named Tom George from TAG Publicity I am fortunate enough to work with that will push my limits on what I listen to and review. He has introduced me to the likes of Mary Magdalen and Celldweller. Those two acts generated a lot of mail with “That’s Not Metal!” in the subject line. But as many of you know, those emails just inspire me to push on, and expand what METAL means.

This was exactly the route I thought we were going to take when Tom sent me his latest project: Davey Suicide. Turns out, my little rant above wasn’t needed because Tom gave me something right in my wheelhouse. Even with limited material I decided these guys need to be introduced to our readers.

Davey Suicide (www.facebook.com/daveysuicide) is an industrial metal act that pushes the look and genre in a completely different direction. Although they are a band, Davey Suicide is the driving force behind the success that is sure to come. What they have created is Industrial Metal along the lines of Murderdolls and Marilyn Manson, but with the advantage of being fresh faced and letting the music produce itself. Industrial elements should be natural and Davey Suicide seems to get that very important element.

Their single off the upcoming album; Generation F*ck Star is a look at a young band that has taken a genre back to its roots and created a new look and atmosphere around it that will draw a new younger fan base. Their look is very unusual and not something you would normally associate with metal, but maybe that’s what’s needed to revive music that is too “dated” for today’s market; but too good to stop making.

Two other factors that made me sit up and take notice is: 1 – Davey Suicide considers Axl Rose, Marilyn Manson, and Eminem to be his major influences. 2 – a motto I read off their website stated “do something cause you mean it, not because you are scared of the consequences.” For an artist breaking into the scene to have that much conviction in their music is rare and the sign of a bright future.

The band is going on tour with Wednesday 13, so make sure to check them out if they come to your town. Trust me, you’ll know when they’re there. With a middle finger to society and no remorse for the picture they paint, you can count on legions joining Generation F*ck Star!

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