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Review: Odium — Burning The Bridges To Nowhere

May 5, 2012

My virtual dictionary tells me the definition of “odium” is intense hatred or dislike. This, combined with the title of Odium’s new album, “Burning The Bridges To Nowhere”, led me to believe I was about to experience some serious heavy rocking, some intense metal truly worthy of the name. It certainly got me looking forward to the group’s new ten track LP.

And here’s the thing, Odium is intense. They are loud and they are talented and they obviously know their way around their instruments like your mom knows her way around the backseat of my car. All of this left me a little surprised that Burning The Bridges To Nowhere didn’t wow me, didn’t draw me in. Don’t get me wrong, there are songs on this album which I like, “Blue Channel”, the third track on the LP, is a prime example. It’s hard, it’s smooth, it’s powerful … all the things your mom loves about my-

(Sorry, sorry, I’ll get off the mom jokes now. Where was I?)

Another beautifully performed piece of work shows up later on the album in the form of “Claw My Eyes Out”. It is a polished track with natural rise and fall, it really gets into the groove and lays down some good metal sound.

But, as I mentioned a moment ago, Burning The Bridges To Nowhere didn’t draw me in. Maybe it’s me, maybe I was just unfocused at the time I was listening to this album. Or maybe the songs included, as well performed as they are, just aren’t to my taste. I can acknowledge when something is good, even if it’s not my preference and I suspect BTBTN fits into this category. A third theory I have is Odium is a case of the individual parts all being very good, but the end result not being greater than the sum of those parts. If you were to ask me if the vocals on BTBTN were good, I would definitely say yes. There are two distinct styles at play on this CD, one focusing on traditional, rough metal growls and the other smoother and higher, giving flow to the music. And I would respond positively when asked about the guitar work and, certainly, the drummer (Joe Mullen), would get a nod too. However, for whatever reason, despite all the good work that went into it, BTBTN didn’t make me want to stand up and yell, “Hell, yeah!”

So this time around I’d like to hear back from the readers. Give Odium’s latest release a try and then let me know what you thought, because I’m still on the fence with this one.

Check out Odium on their Facebook page.

Let me hear you!

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