Review: Chopstick Suicide — Lost Fathers and Sons

April 28, 2012

On paper the group Chopstick Suicide has a distinct pattern and form. Put aside for a moment that their name sounds like a vampire taking his own life in an oriental restaurant and let’s look at some numbers. The group has been around for four years, they have put out four albums, there are four members in the band and their bio lists four websites (Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Soundcloud). Usually we only get this sort of numerical consistency from conspiracy theory blogs.

However, this pattern disappears as soon as we hit Play on the band’s latest album, Lost Fathers And Sons. Any sense of rules, normalcy or even consistency goes straight out the window. Listening to Chopstick Suicide is the audio equivalent to watching a four (there’s that number again) year old chasing a super ball around a small room while being attacked by a swarm of bees. Their sound is chaotic, it’s loud, it’s fast and it’s fast. I mentioned “fast” twice because it bears repeating. Not only do they smash drums and wail on guitars in double time, their vocalist, Mert, screams out lyrics like a cocaine fueled auctioneer. Their music is as high strung and fierce as Sonic the Hedgehog fucking a burning race car.

Okay, that’s not entirely accurate, most of the time they’re playing loud and hard and fast, like if they go below fifty notes per second their bus will blow up, but often toward the end of their songs they kick it down several notches and do this sort of soft conclusion which puts the rest of their work in strong contrast. And, my favourite song of the bunch, “Your Average Hero”, provides a smoother, deeper sound. It’s still intense, but the band’s sound ebbs and flows throughout the song’s ten minute duration giving us a touch more variety.

If you’re looking for something a bit more intense, or a replacement for coffee (or even adrenaline) check out Lost Fathers and Sons. It is a powerful experience.

You can check out Chopstick Suicide on their Facebook page and on Soundcloud.

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