Album Review: Exumer – Fire & Damnation

April 24, 2012

Exumer Heavy Metal News Fire & Damnation ReviewIt’s very difficult to write this review because of the heaving breathing. In fact every time I listen to this album it takes me a few minutes to gain my composure and stop sweating. The intensity is overwhelming and at times claustrophobic. You know what that means. One awesome thrash album.

You know the history of the Exumer name if you followed Thrash back in the day. They formed in 1985 and produced two albums that are thought of as classics: “Possessed by Fire” and “Rising from the Sea.” The band was on the verge of super stardom when “issues” came up around 1990. I don’t think I need to get into what those issues were because it’s all too familiar a story on this site.

During all this time they only reformed to play live once at 2001’s Wacken Open Air. After that glimmer of a reunion we never saw the band again until 2008 when they decided to give it another run. People became excited quickly, which led to festivals and tours pretty much right away. The guys must be enjoying the ride again because they brought us this devastating piece of music: Fire & Damnation.

The album opens with the title track that pushes on the gas and doesn’t really ever let up until it crosses the finish line. “Fire & Damnation” the track has very modern style rapid fire vocals and comes across as much more aggressive then I remember the band. The chorus is older school technique and the guitar work by Ray Mensh and H.K. is just plain sick.

“A New Mortality” starts in your face with no apology dirty thrash metal. Once again Exumer doesn’t let up and shows the world they still have what it takes to bang with the best of them. I have no clue how Matthias Kassner keeps up on drums or how the rest of the band keeps up to him. You would have to measure him in beats per milliseconds.

My favorite on the album is the shorter “Devil Chaser.” Raw intensity for just over 2 minutes. The mosh kids will love it and the old guy bangers like me will wake up with sore necks. In fact I think I will put it on right now!

Heavy Metal News Exumer Group Shot

Head over to and get the details on this release. I have the privilege of seeing the band on May 29th with The Black Dahlia Murder. If this album is any indication of what I’m in for; I might not live to review it.

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