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Interview: Nick of Job For A Cowboy

April 12, 2012

Heavy Metal News Job for a CowboyDue to some unforseen technical issues and mountain passes this interview was not able to be captured in audio, but rest assured we captured Nick Schendzielos thoughts in this narrative dialogue:

I started the interview thanking Nick for his time and congratulating him on the pending release of “Demonocracy.” Nick was very appreciative and came across as a very genuine individual that was excited to be on his first full length with Job For a Cowboy. When I asked a brief question about the bass work on the album he was very pleased with how much the bass was brought forward in the mix and how it showed a different style for him aside from his work in Cephalic Carnage.

We moved on to joking about Tony and him being referred to as “the new guys” well into the future and if he felt the two of them had an impact on the writing of Demonocracy. Nick used this time to talk in great length about the amazing talent of Tony and how he has helped add a different element to the band while keeping it true JFAC. Nick is a modest individual that directed all of the attention to his band mates on this question.

I wanted to talk about the track “Black Discharge” because of its eerie feel and technical difficulty. Nick wanted it known this was the first song the entire band agreed upon. They all felt this should be released first. He felt it displayed a new style of JFAC that will still be popular with the bands many followers. We also discussed “Tarnished Gluttony” and the old school feel of the track. Nick thought it was funny I said that because it was actually written by past band members, but they all agreed it should be on this album.

We talked about the crazy touring schedule that JFAC manages to keep up over the years and how that is what their reputation is built on. Nick stated that when he started with Cephalic Carnage they had a similar touring schedule, but as time went on they hit the road less and less. Although he loves Carnage and continues to play with them; the touring life of JFAC is definately for him. He looks forward to being on the road this much and the unique situations it creates.

I started asking what songs off Demonocracy would be in the live set, but the conversation turned to how this new album could easily be played front to back and the crowd would love it. He did mention that “Black Discharge” would certainly be there and “Children of Deceit,” but with a record this strong you never know what you might see.

Talking about live shows, we turned to how JFAC was now touring with names like Slayer and Megadeth, not to mention headlining tours themselves. Nick talked in great detail about what an honor it is to even share the stage with legends like that. He has been amazed at the loyal fan base of people that come out to see them no matter what spot they have on the bill. Growing up listening to these legends and then sharing your music with them seemed to be something Nick will never take for granted.

I wanted to explore the political lyrics of JFAC and Nick was more then happy to talk about being attracted to the band because they don’t follow the normal horror and gore lyrics of death metal. I was quite entrigued at how he talked about this music being a way to influence youth in a positive way and talk about things that effect our world today. If this worldly view is what Nick is bringing to the table then JFAC has a massive wealth of information for Jonny to draw from.

We finished up the interview with me asking the simple question: What is the top of the mountain in death metal? Nick very quickly answered Cannibal Corpse and made it known these guys were amazing back in the day and continue to be amazing now. He also wanted fans to know that touring with them is a great experience because with thier position they could play the “rock star” card, but they are down to earth men that put the music first.

At that I left JFAC and Nick for the night so they could continue their mountain trek!

Thanks Nick, Liz, and Sarah for a great interview.


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One Response to Interview: Nick of Job For A Cowboy

  1. Mack Sabbath on April 12, 2012 at 7:19 am

    Rad interview! Cheers from RT. \m/

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