Friday Faceoff: Battle of The Frontmen

March 30, 2012

Heavy Metal News Tournament to Crown Best Frontman

This week we are not going to have our normal battle you have seemed to embrace with your horns in the air.  What were doing is gearing up for the ultimate tournament of 16.

Instead of me deciding who wins each week we are going to let you vote each week and decide who moves on; until we declare the We Love Metal Ultimate Frontman.

To pick only 16 we tried to keep it as random as possible.  We put 40 names of frontmen (admittedly more on the mainstream side) in a hat and drew out 16 to fill the first tournament brackets.  With those 16 we put them back in the hat and drew out the first round match ups.  This is completely random and up to you the readers to vote and make sure the right voice comes out on top.

We will be running the columns the same way with each Frontman being judged by us in the same 4 qualities: signature sound, appeal to the ladies, career thus far, and legacy to other musicians.  Of course we hope these columns might help you decide who should win, but ultimately it’s your decision.

Take a look at our bracket with first round match-ups here:

See you next week for the first battle in this epic tournament!

Metal on,


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One Response to Friday Faceoff: Battle of The Frontmen

  1. tammy galer on July 31, 2012 at 2:51 am

    When does voting start?? I’m ready to see my boy win this thing.. But it’s Tuesday and still no voting..

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