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Martell Rants: March 2012

March 18, 2012

Heavy Metal Music Rob ZombieMy one chance a month to rant, rave, and bitch about everything metal. This column always gets me the most email, so keep em’ coming:

1. I want to start off on a sad note. The passing of Ronnie Montrose is the loss of another legend. I knew Ronnie for his time with Sammy Hagar, but his influence reaches far and wide. Many up and coming artists still look to his guitar work as inspiration in their careers. Our thoughts and prayers are with this family, friends, and fans.

2. Now let’s go: Cannibal Corpse is giving us a piece of metal insanity in their new album torture, but you wouldn’t know it by a lot of the critics out there. It appears to me when an older band gives us more of what we want, they are criticized. At the same time, if they stray away from their formula, they are criticized. Screw the paradox and trust me: Torture will kick your ass!

3. Tony Martin recently did an interview where he stated Black Sabbath hasn’t spoken with him in over fifteen years. Much like the fans, Black Sabbath is trying to forget that very sad time in the history of the band. You might want to do the same thing Tony; it wasn’t your best work.

4. Here’s a quick piece of good news: Rob Zombie is looking to release a new album in June. If you’re not a Zombie fan We Love Metal might be hard for you to read in June. Bring on the ZOMBIE!

5. There has been a lot of talk about Adam Lambert taking over the reins of Queen. Is this the same Adam Lambert that just released a dance album? It can’t be! It is? Fuck me! Other than the fact that both men were gay I don’t see any resemblances between Freddie’s work and Adam’s. Back when he was singing actual rock songs during his idol stint I thought it would be cool to see him sing with the band, but after the dance foray, I just don’t see fans accepting it as Queen.

Heavy Metal Music Death Metal Logos

6. People came out of the woodwork to complain about Steel Panther being in my Top Ten list for best live acts. They went on and on about their music and how it’s degrading to metal. Once again I will remind you these are opinion pieces and I personally feel the unpredictability of Panther makes them a great live act. If you go to their show expecting a serious romp through the legacy of metal than you have been living in a cave!

7. Talking about my columns. I could certainly use some help with Friday Faceoff match ups. I’m struggling already to come up with people to put against each other. If you have an idea of two people, albums, bands, or songs that should square off against each other drop me an email. You’ll get a mention.

8. I had mentioned briefly in a blog a couple of weeks ago about how shows like CSI or Criminal Minds always have death metal playing in the background when they invade the cult’s compound. This obvious stereotype really pisses me off, but I do have to admit that having Taylor Swift playing in the background isn’t quite as menacing. Gangster rap might fill the violence void though!

9. Our Motley Crue and Las Vegas coverage set some record numbers on the site. I want to thank you all for you positive and negative emails. Numbers are numbers and we’ll take em’ anyway you want to give them to us. MOTLEY, MOTLEY, MOTLEY!!!

Heavy Metal Music Quiet Riot Kevin Dubrow

10. I want to work on an extended piece on 70s melodic rock’s influence on the heavy metal we listen to today. Bands like Styx or Journey come to mind right off. Instead of jumping all over us for doing this, why not listen to some of the stuff and no matter how much you think you hate it listen for influences and point them out. You may not like it, but you might gain some respect for it.

11. Let’s end by mentioning that Quiet Riot has another new singer. I just want to say sorry to Kevin DuBrow for this debauchery and point out the fact that this shit will never make our news feed!

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