Review: Nephelium — Coils of Entropy

February 23, 2012

Take some classic metal beats, throw in modern guitar work and a voice that sounds like a giant smoke stack belching clouds of toxic power into the sky and you have Nephelium’s latest album Coils of Entropy. We mentioned Nephelium in passing last year, but I want to touch on their album now that it’s officially out and we can listen to more than samples. Spoiler alert: it’s good.

Okay, that’s not entirely fair, Coils of Entropy is more than good. It has a way of growing on the listener. It starts out strong, laying down a rhythmic flow and a collection of bowls-of-the-earth vocals and slowly crawls in under the listener’s skin as the album progresses. By the time we get to the last two songs on the CD, “Halls Of Judgement” and “Coils of Entropy”, the band is well and truly entrenched. Their music is an audio tattoo and I was pleased to find myself, half an hour later, in my kitchen still head banging to the beat of their finale. Nephelium’s drummer, Alan Madhavan, knows his business and probably deserves an entire track to himself just to show off his range of percussion talent.

Also deserving of a special mention is vocalist Devlin Anderson. His pipes rumble like he’s been smoking Satan’s cigars since birth. He growls his way through this album with precise timing and control, and he provides a good counter-point to the highly dynamic guitar work.

There are just six tracks on this album, but it’s not short. The songs range from a strong five minutes to ten minutes in length and the group doesn’t let up. There’s no drawn out intro or exit to these tunes, so you’re getting a good long experience out of Coils.

You can check out Nephlium’s latest work for yourself at their Bandcamp page and be sure to give their title track a listen.

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