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Interview: Motley Crue – Mick Mars

February 16, 2012

Heavy Metal Blogs: Mick Mars InterviewThe following is the transcription of our interview with Motley Crue guitarist Mick Mars. A dream interview for us and something we will certainly never forget. The modesty of this music legend is something that could be learned by many in the younger generation.

We talked to Mick hours before taking the stage in Las Vegas for the Hard Rock Residency show we witnessed on Feb 10th:

Martell: How have the Hard Rock Residency shows been going so far?

Mick Mars: Each night we get better and better. Still, sometimes something minor will go wrong and we will be like, ah…

Martell: It’s not really a Motley show without something unexpected happening?

Mick Mars: No, no, it’s really little tiny things, I don’t think they are things the crowd or audience could notice, but we do. You know what I mean. It’s that subtle of a thing, but it bothers us.

Martell: What can we expect at the show tonight? (February 10th)

Mick Mars: Let me see… I guess… Have you seen the show yet?

Martell: Not this one, it will be our first Motley/Vegas show.

Mick Mars: Well… I can’t tell you then. (laughs) You are going to have to wait and see, but we are playing a lot of the hits; you know “Kickstart” and “Dr. Feelgood.” All the stuff that people want to hear. “Home Sweet Home.” You have to play that stuff. Jimmy Hendrix said it many, many years ago, “I want to go back to the studio and write new songs for three years to play at shows, but everywhere you go people want to hear the same music the same way.” So we do play the hits that we have because imagine Hendrix coming out and not playing “Purple Haze.”

Martell: Exactly. It has to be taken as a compliment…

Mick Mars: (laughing) but when he did play it some said, oh that song again. It’s weird, but it’s ok. We did add some different things. A song from Generation Swine and “Piece of the Action” from the first album. There are a couple of things like that and an acoustic set.

Heavy Metal Blogs: Motley Crue Accoustic Set

Martell: Are you finding the response favorable?

Mick Mars: oh yea, they are liking it a lot.

Martell: I have to ask Mick, seeing all of the Motley advertising on the strip. Does it ever get old seeing yourself on a 60 ft billboard?

Mick Mars: (laughing) I don’t even look to be honest. I swear I get done playing and this is what I do. My routine. I go back to my room and sometimes if I get up before noon I will head down to **** or **** (blocked for privacy) and check out some older guitars or amps and try to improve my acoustic sound because my acoustic sound right at the moment isn’t exactly how I want it and I’m a little self-conscious about that.

So I’m trying to improve that and I will go around to different shops, not famous shops (laughing)… I just do stuff like that and when I see a billboard I just go whoa! It’s cool to see it, but I can’t walk around shouting every time I see it (laughing.) It’s very cool, very cool to see us on crap tables, roulette tables, and even elevator doors.

It’s almost like when I was a kid and saw The Stones and The Beatles everywhere… You know I was seeing all that stuff and saying one day.

Heavy Metal Blogs: Motley Crue Las Vegas

Martell: Do you think you guys are finally getting your due Mick that Motley deserved. People are talking about you in the same context as the Stones or Aerosmith?

Mick Mars: I think that when we came out, we came out like gang busters. You know we did some pretty ground breaking things for that time, for that period. I think that we are coming into our own like the Stones did, like Aerosmith did, or U2. I’m not going to say we are bigger than life like the Stones or U2, but we are on our way.

Martell: I’m a little bias Mick because being such a massive fan of the band this interview is a bit of a dream for me and I’ve had you in that category my whole life. I know your being modest, but your definitely there my friend.

Mick Mars: Thank you so much, thank you.

You know it’s weird that when you’re the person… I don’t want to say artist because it might sound too much like my friend Prince (laughing). When your that person you really don’t feel that way. I just feel like, here I am. I’m a normal person.

When you’re walking down the street and people start screaming your name, that is still very strange for me. Even after 30 years that is still very strange for me.

Martell: Thank you Mick, take care!

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9 Responses to Interview: Motley Crue – Mick Mars

  1. Keith Montoya on March 6, 2012 at 6:27 pm

    Great article because you never really seen alot of interviews from Mick Mars. Man, I have been a fan since I was 13 (1984), I mean a HARDCORE fan. I became a musician because of Motley Crue. And yes, the Crue and Mick are now getting the respect they deserve. Rock on Mick and Motley and you dudes will always be BADASS in my book.

  2. george roland wills on March 9, 2012 at 8:00 pm

    Mick is the coolest one of them all, and the most real… Been a fan for, like, ever!

  3. Jeff Van Jindelt on March 23, 2012 at 8:19 pm

    Its great to see a real interview with Mick, I was a friend of his back in the 80’s and he is a great guy and one hell of a guitarist, I’m almost 50 now and I still listen to the Crüe all the time, Mick it’s good to see you still rockin, hope to see you again one of these days – Jeff

  4. Jerry Juve Jr on April 20, 2012 at 2:29 am

    I would have to agree, about them “arriving”. As a fan it kinda gives me the redass that they’ve never been given a grammy. Of course when you look at some of those who have been given one it makes you question the integrity of it. Same goes for the Rock n Roll Hall of fame. ABBA is in there, but yet no KISS or Crue! But you know what the Crue has had in spades all along…street cred. They are the REAL DEAL and there is no statue or plaque that can say you have it, and no critic or “judge” on the planet that can take it away. That is why I’ve got more Crue CD’s then any other band in my personal music catalog, which includes bands that have been around longer and put out twice as many albums as the Crue have. Simply, because I don’t think they could be FAKE if they tried. They are…and will always be a Motley Crue.

  5. Marcia Tucker on June 11, 2012 at 11:00 pm

    I’m happy your still standing, I was worried about you when I saw you back stage in Houston. Our son is doing great we send our love. Marcia

  6. Michael Giordano on October 8, 2012 at 9:36 am

    Mick I have been a ” HUGE ” Motley Crue fan since I was 12 years old and I’m now 43 years old. You guys ROCK!!! Don’t stop playing and touring, and as a real fan I love the old songs that are so great. I have so many favorites, like Dr.Feelgood, Wild Side, Ten Seconds to Love, and the list go’s on. You are the best guitarist in the world. You handle that guitar like a professional baseball player swings a bat. You are the sound that makes Motley Crue what it is today. PS..KEEP COMING TO FLORIDA FOR TOURS

  7. Michael Giordano on October 8, 2012 at 9:43 am

    By the way Mick, I forgot to mention earlier that I saw you guys in July with Kiss. I mean no disrespect to Kiss but you guys blew them away as I knew you guys would. In my opinion I think Kiss should have opened up for Motley Crue.

  8. Da Num Nums on October 18, 2012 at 12:32 pm

    […] ISSUE: Time Limit for Filing a ClaimIslamic Questions And Answers LIVE Online IRFNYCrowley Interrupts Romney 28 Times, Obama Just 9Monster SurvivalThursday Bolts – 10.18.12How to Read Free Books on Your PhoneHot Pepper PuzzleInterview: Motley Crue – Mick Mars […]

  9. Jerry Juve Jr. on August 10, 2014 at 3:31 pm

    I still think based on the quality and genuineness(maybe not subject matter or lyrical content) of their music they are deserving of a grammy and induction to the R&R Hall of Fame. I wish I had stated it better in my earlier response rather then letting the 16yr. old in me speak out. Due to faith my musical tastes have changed some, but good or bad they are/were honest with their image, music and what kind of band they are. Which is a lot more then a good majority of bands who have received grammy’s and R&R inductions.

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