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Motley Crue + We Love Metal = Las Vegas

February 15, 2012

Heavy Metal Blogs: Motley Crue Las Vegas

Did we have a good time with the most sinful metal band in the most sinful city? Your damn right! Did they give us, as ultimate fans the show of a lifetime as promised? Fuckin’ right they did! Accept this swooning and lovefest as our review of Motley Crue’s Hard Rock Residency at The Joint in Las Vegas.

Heavy Metal Blogs: Vince Neils CarThe night started with us having a quick interview with the legendary axe man himself Mick Mars. The interview will be posted tomorrow and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that Mick loves his fans and is one of the most modest and down to earth people we have ever interviewed. Since this has been a dream of the site since day one I could not be more pleased with how Mick treated us.

When we arrived at the Hard Rock Hotel it was everything Motley. From Vince’s coup at the front doors to evil clowns (one that took a real liking to Morgan), to metaled out stilt walkers. Combine that with little people running around and vodka being served four shots at a time you knew going into The Joint that this was going to be one hell of a show.

Everything began on time with a video clip involving the four memebers discussing how to make this a great show and introducing the MC of the night Genocide. A mini-Motley made an appearance as well. Tearing through 3 quick songs including Live Wire I was blown away by the energy the band displayed and Vince’s vocals were spot on, only throwing in the occasional mumble that we have all grown to love.

The night continued with a lot of pyro and women in various states of undress hanging from silks, ropes, and of course: chains. The much talked about accoustic set was very well done and considering they were flying about 30 feet above the crowd it was very intimate and showed the often forgottent talent of the band as musicians.

Heavy Metal Blogs: Motley Crue Accoustic Set

Tommy wouldn’t be outdone as he took his drum solo to new heights with his kit being on a rollercoaster that did a complete 360 and left him hanging up there while he played on. If that wasn’t enough he grabbed a fan from the audience and sent them up for a ride as well. Although she wouldn’t do it topless she seemed happy enough to be up there.

Heavy Metal Blogs: Vince Neil flying Las VegasMick Mars solo was comprised of himself playing dueling guitars against two projected Micks’ on either side of him. It was a great touch and showed the skill Mick has as one of the original guitar heros.

With the night winding down we got to hear a track from Generation Swine and one of my personal favorites they never play: “Peice of the Action.” More pyro, some “Shout at the Devil,” and confetti cannons that filled the place made the night fly by. Over two hours seemed liked ten minutes.

The encore of the show saw Tommy Lee decend from the ceiling playing a Liberace style glitter piano. Home Sweet Home closed the show and as Tommy dropped Vince flew through the crowd as he started the first verse. After the song was over a camera followed the boys to a helicopter as they left The Joint and one of the best concerts I have ever witnessed behind.

Very tired, slightly drunk, and even bigger Motley fans than before; we left Las Vegas with our hands in the metal position and our souls belonging to Motley Crue.

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