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Martell Rants: February 2012

February 12, 2012

Heavy Metal Blogs: Black Sabbath Bill Ward

My one chance a month to rant, rave, and bitch about everything metal. This column always gets me the most email, so keep em’ coming:

1. I took a lot of heat for my column on G5 leaving ANVIL and some things I apparently insinuated. The fact is I can only write what I have seen or my personal opinion. When we’re talking about the greatest bass players in metal history we don’t hear Glen Five come up very often. What the article was to focus on were people leaving a good gig due to creative differences or some other made up reason. We want the truth, which apparently is hard from the way I was attacked via email. By the way I love faceless attacks… they motivate me to write more.

2. Bill Ward, oh my, Bill Ward. Back on 11/11/11 when Sabbath made the much heralded announcement about the reunion I came right out in this article and stated Bill ward would screw this up. Turns out I get a point in the “right” column. Ward is holding out for more money and I don’t know the ins and outs of the agreements, but a lot of people behind the scenes don’t think Ward could hold up on the road anyway. Could he be doing this because he knows that as well? I would love to see the four originals back together, but if Vinny has to sit behind the kit I will still be front row. This is one case where I would love to be wrong: come on Bill do the right thing for your legacy.

3. Our new weekly feature TOP 10 TUESDAY has gotten me more hate mail than I ever anticipated. Even though the lists are personal opinions it’s great to see people so passionate about their music and defending the spot they feel their favorite artist should be in. The greatest part of this article is the awesome names I have thrown my way from various Hotmail accounts. I love a good debate so don’t be scared to use your real name. If not, fuck off coward!

4. The Dark Roots of Earth is the title for the new Testament album. I have a small orgasm every time I say it out loud. It’s already epic and it’s not done recording. If my fingers are stuck in this horn position much longer it’s going to be permanent.

5. Did you ever notice how people are always criticizing KISS for their mountains of merchandise, yet we now have Velvet Revolver drum sticks and Slayer motorcycle helmets. All bands do it people, yet few rub it in your face as much as Gene Simmons does.

6. Having received my advanced copy of Van Halen’s new CD “A Different Kind of Truth” I have to admit it has its catchy parts and songs I enjoy. With all the mouthing off I did about how bad this was going to suck I have to take the time to admit I’m wrong in this case. Look for Morgan to have a full review soon.

7. With Van Halen riding this wave of success at the moment it still has to feel good to Hagar and Anthony that Chickenfoot’s newest single “Different Devil” is beating the hell out of VH’s Tattoo. I love me some Chickenfoot and it proves that making music solely for a goodtime will show through to your fans.

8. Metallica has a special announcement coming in June. Rumor has it a movie or concert experience is in the works. A lot of fans feel it is continued damage control for LuLu, although Metallica still stands behind the artistic merit of it. I still haven’t come to terms with it.

Heavy Metal Blogs: Rock on the Range 2012

9. Steven Adler’s mother has a tell all book coming out. I think the title should be: “How I pushed my son into ruining his life,” or “How I made myself semi-famous riding my son’s addiction.” I hope people realize her making money off this is evil and don’t buy this load of crap. Maybe it will give Steven some real peace so he can move on with this life.

10. Killswitch Engage has announced that Jesse Leach is back following the departure of Howard Jones. Seems a little Dan Nelson, Joey Belladonna to me! Thoughts?

11. This is minor, but really pisses me off. Rock on the Range 2012 has a massive line-up that young and old alike can enjoy, but they are billing Incubus, Shinedown, and Marilyn Manson ahead of Megadeth and Mastadon. Are you fucking kidding me! Even typing it made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

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