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Scream Out Loud: Live It Up

February 8, 2012

Heavy Metal Blogs: Scream Out Loud Live It UpScream Out Loud is a fairly new group based in Pensacola, Florida. Now, from the name itself, I was a little hesitant to listen to this one because I’m the glam girl of this site and screaming lyrics is not my thing. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised with the album.

The first song on Live It Up is the Fear of Letting Go and it was one of my favourites. It has a good hard rock beat that I enjoyed and has lots of clean lyrics which showcase the talent of the singer, Joseph. But then it goes to screaming lyrics that are used as background singing and music. It is actually one of the first times I have enjoyed this genre of metal. It is, in my opinion, the best song on the album for this incorporation of the two styles of vocals.

Not Like The Movies is a song that is a bit harder and will probably please those who like the metal core genre. There were more screaming lyrics in this song than some of the others. Likewise, Lying In Wait is a bit harder and actually starts out with the screaming lyrics. Again, they do a good job of incorporating the two styles in one song.

My personal favourite song on this a slower song called It’s Funny They Can’t See Us From Here. It does not feature their screaming lyrics but it does have some wonderful harmonizing on this track. I found this song let me appreciate the musical talents of the other band members – Hunter and Jeff on guitar, Keith on drums, and Micah on bass. The band sounds very tight together and the two guitars give a lot of depth in this song.

I’m not sure if there is a big audience for this kind of music and I’m not sure it’s for me. I would rather just listen to the hard rock or clean metal lyrics without the screaming. Others would probably prefer the screaming without the hard rock beat and clean vocals. That being said, these guys do have talent and they do a good job of not making the screaming vocals too distracting from the song. It is certainly a different type of music for me, and I will be looking forward to their next creation to see if they continue in this direction or move to a heavier or lighter sound.


What a motley crue,

Morgan Storm

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