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Top Ten Tuesday: Canadian Metal Bands

January 17, 2012

Heavy Metal Blogs: RushWelcome to the first installment of what will be a weekly endeavour on We Love Metal. Each Tuesday we are going to come up with a different Top 10 list simply because we love the way you disagree and bitch at us for them. Ranking lists always get the most email and you all know how much I loved to be told “I’m stupid.”

For the first list I picked possibly the hardest one possible. As you can imagine being a Canadian I listen to a lot of Canadian Metal bands. Some of the best in the world are right here on my doorstep so it’s very hard to rank them based on quality, legacy, impact, or all the other items that are assessed in these lists. What I have decided to do was go on my experiences of enjoyment with the bands. The criteria for that is: how much do I listen to them, what is their live show like, do I have them on my personal favorite band list, and how much have we covered them on the site. It made for a very interesting list.

To start things off let me give you who’s not on the list. Some of these shocked me. Fuck the Facts, Devon Townsend, Priestess, Voivod, Baptized in Blood, Alexisonfire, Billy Talent, Bison BC, Three Days Grace, Barnburner, and more I’m sure to be missing. Those are some major players that I love, but it turns out they might not be as high on my radar as others.

Here are the bands that made my personal Top 10 of Canadian Metal Bands:

10. Protest the Hero: these guys are just awesome representatives of Canada and how diverse we are as a Nation. Their influences are broad and it shows in all their music. Interviewing Arif was as much an experience off audio as on. I listen to Fortress quite religiously when I feel the need to break something.

9. Ion Dissonance/Beneath The Massacre: both of these Montreal tech bands bring it on their records, but when you see them live you remember them. I placed them both in one spot because I have never listened to them alone. If I want the violence of Ion; I need the brutality of Beneath.

8. 3 Inches of Blood: NWOBHM, thrash, traditional; you name it and 3 Inches brings it. Their live show is a throwback to the metal I know, yet their instrumental pieces are very modern. Whenever I talk to anyone from outside of Canada about metal, 3 Inches is included in the conversation. With the new album coming soon I have been playing their back catalogue a lot.

7. Helix: I still listen to Helix. After sitting down to a BBQ rib dinner with them I felt compelled to spin the old stuff and remembered all over again why I loved them in the first place. Their live show is still action packed and young and old will always give me an “R.” Helix is far from done in my opinion.

6. Orchid’s Curse: a top quality headliner band and I only have to drive an hour to see them. That’s about as awesome as it gets. Although it’s been a year since their album release a very cool video for my favorite track “Workhorse Walks Alone” got me spinning it all over again. I will be seeing the boys live again in about a month. Can’t wait.

5. Black Moor: yet again another headliner living only a short drive from me. With numerous accolades, incredible thrash vibe, and “it;” I always wonder why Black Moor hasn’t been living off a Metal Blade deal for a couple of years now. These guys are everything that is good about metal including melting your face off live night after night.

4. Cancer Bats: having interviewed Liam Cormier 3 times and seeing them live more than I admit too, it’s no wonder these guys are so high on my list. Their last album Bears, Mayors, Scraps, and Bones actually stopped working on my computer. I think for the first time I wore out a digital copy. Their show last year at the Paragon was one of the best metal shows I have ever seen in my life and some call them Bat Sabbath… That says it all!

3. Anvil: if you don’t love Anvil or agree with their spot on this list you’re not a real Canadian. In all seriousness I got caught up in the Anvil movement like everyone else. But have meeting them and realizing they are those amazing individuals portrayed on film it cemented their place in my heart. Not to mention that Juggernaut of Justice might have been the best album cover to cover of their storied career.

2. Rush: when I thought of doing this list I automatically knew Rush would be number one, but after doing my criteria basis I realized that I listen to them a lot, but I have unfortunately never seen them live. I worship the ground the three of them walk on and feel they are the most influential progressive band in history. I can’t wait to see them live and cross it off my bucket list. All I really needed to say was: It’s Rush!

Who could possibly come in ahead of Rush:

1. The Worshyp: this unsigned Toronto Ontario gem made my Top 5 albums of last year with their multi-genre, but rooted in thrash album: Kingdom Earth. The samples off their new album Evil Abounds has me playing them time and time again because when this album is unleashed on the world the planet may be rocked on its axis. Once Evil Abounds drops I could do this list again and The Worshyp will remain in the number 1 position, except I’m sure they will have a major label deal!

Head over to https://www.facebook.com/theworshyp and find out why The Worshyp is my favorite Canadian Metal band.

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9 Responses to Top Ten Tuesday: Canadian Metal Bands

  1. GUitarstuff4U on January 18, 2012 at 1:44 am

    see this website for interviews with both Marz and Thor of the Worshyp

  2. Josh on January 24, 2012 at 1:31 am

    Terrible list, where is stryker, skull fist, metalian, Diemonds. You don’t know shit. Also I enjoy you going straight into defense for putting anvil on this list. And rush is not metal, everything about this list is fucking stupid.

  3. Penny on January 31, 2012 at 1:03 am

    This is a problem I need to do more research into, many thanks for the publish.

  4. Razors Edge on October 10, 2012 at 6:02 pm

    Pretty hard to have a Canadian list without Annihilator on it!!! The best selling Canadian metal band in history, although they don’t get much respect in Canada, oh wait you are Canadian 🙂

    How about Iceage, You really need to listen to their All Is Dust album. It reminds me of Metallica with some polish.

    Oh yeah and you forgot some other great bands Kälter, Borealis, Conflicted, Instanzia, Into Eternity, Protest the Hero, Viathyn, Elderoth, Heroik, Zimmers Hole, Dream Quest, Karkaos, Moonlyght.

    Good Listening 🙂

  5. Martell on October 10, 2012 at 8:40 pm

    Annihilator should certainly be on there, but with that lack of recognition I never experienced a lot of thier music till later on. Next time that list roles around it will be much different I think!

    Thanks for the suggestions man!

  6. Razors Edge on October 10, 2012 at 9:11 pm

    Well thanks for publishing the list anything that brings recognition to our Canadian bands is a good thing.

    I actually meant Icewind – All is Dust. I also just got their album: Again Came the Storm, but I haven’t listened to it yet. Their All is Dust album is one of my favorites.

    Iceage is that new rock band from Denmark, but all their albums seem to be in Danish, so no good for me.

    I hope Icewind still tours sometime, I would love to see them if they ever come out west.

    Keep Up the Good Work 🙂

  7. Razors Edge on October 11, 2012 at 1:27 am

    If you are thinking about a future list with over 2500 Canadian bands listed on Encyclopaedia Metallum. Its always hard to choose. If I had to make a top 10 it would probably change every week. You may want to think about a top 25 or something, we should all be able to agree on most of the top bands. I love to listen to & support Canadian Metal. I have over 3,000 albums but I wear out my Canadians more than anything. I will submit for your consideration:
    Blackguard aka Profugus Mortis, Frontline Assembly, Geimhre, Golers, Hong Kong Blonde, Stiff Valentine, The Smalls, The Stills, Zions Abyss, Bastardator, and finally Skinny Puppy. Its funny a lot of people might say they aren’t really metal but they sure sound like it. They are the best imitation of metal I have ever heard. If you can be a metal band without screaming guitars these guys are it Listen to Ain’t it dead yet? and give it some thought.

    we have some really great metal bands here in Canada and they seem to be getting better and better. 🙂

  8. Razors Edge on October 11, 2012 at 1:04 pm

    If we look at Best as in what I like the best, we would
    all have different lists.

    However if we look at the bands that have had and are
    having the biggest impact on Canadian Metal Music and
    have more than local recognition, maybe we can agree! 🙂

    I do like the Cancer Bats but people will argue they are a punk band, and I want to focus on what we can agree on.

    I have to laugh at people who say Rush isn’t metal,
    maybe compared to todays bands they are pretty tame, but
    in 68 they brought in a whole new world. I was there I remember 🙂

    Its pretty hard to list a band that doesn’t have an album out as some have suggested, I think thats a minimum to qualify.

    Well here is what perhaps 18 bands we can agree on:

    1. Warpig: 60s (Recorded the 1st Canadian Metal Album)
    2. Rush: 60s (Best Known canadian Pioneer of Metal)

    3. Anvil: 70s & 80s
    4. Helix: 70s & 80s

    5. Annihilator: 80s (Canadas Best Selling Metal Band)
    6. Voivod: 80s
    7. Blasphemy: 80s & 90s (Still Touring*** – Last Album 93)

    8. Cryptopsy: 90s
    9. Kataklysm: 90s
    10. Quo Vadis: 90s
    11. Gorguts: 90s
    12. Kittie: 90s (Best All Female Metal Band in the World!)

    2000s bans with some international recognition!
    13. 3 Inches of Blood: 2000s
    14. Fuck The Facts: 2000s
    15. Protest the Hero: 2000s
    16. Strapping Young Lad (Devin Townsend): 2000s
    17. Ion Dissonance: 2000s
    18. Into Eternity: 2000s (Amanda Kiernan replaced Stu Block 2012 This will be interesting!)

    Personal Choices
    19. Icewind (Personal Choice)
    20. Diemonds (Female Lead Personal Choice: Priya Panda)

    Well There you have it, It would be easier to make a top 50 or 100 list. Cheers 🙂

  9. IcedInferno on February 4, 2014 at 7:14 pm

    How about
    Anhkrehg, Annihilator, Anonymus, Augury, Cauldron, Cryptopsy, Despised Icon, Devin Townsend Project, Exciter, Fuck The Facts, Goat Horn, Gorguts, Hellacaust, Into Eternity, Kataklysm, Kittie, Martyr, Necronomicon, Neuraxis, Ninjaspy, Quo Vadis, Rammer, Razor Skinny Puppy, Strapping Young Lad, The Agonist, The End, Threat Signal, Tugnut, Unexpect, Voivod, Woods Of Ypres, Zimmers Hole, Obscursis Romancia, Bastardator, Mononc’ Serge et Anonymus, Reanimator, Unbreakable Hatred and Blasphemy? So many great bands to chose from, if it’s a personnal favourite I totally understand. If it’s greatest ever then no.

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