Primal Fear: Unbreakable

January 12, 2012

Primal Fear Unbreakable Heavy Metal BlogsThere is no sense beating around the bush here. We all know I love Primal Fear and some of you have accused me of having a man crush on Ralf Scheepers. Interviewing Ralf last year was a great moment for me and I did enjoy his solo album, but when he mentioned working on new Primal Fear material in that very interview I have been chomping at the bit ever since.

When talking about Primal Fear for those of you that live in a cave of North America Metal; let’s just say that Primal Fear is to power metal what The Big 4 is to thrash. The massive vocals of Ralf combined with an incredible back end powered by Matt Sinner make what I consider some of the best clean vocal metal in the world today.

The last Primal Fear album (their 8th) named 16:6 was a great piece of metal that showed the band was willing to experiment with their sound and create new for their legions of fans. That album led to a massive world tour and live DVD release that has proven to be one of the most popular concert DVDs on the planet.

With all this success I had to wonder if the band could possibly come up with something as new and exciting with the album Unbreakable. They didn’t! What Primal Fear did was go into the studio with an aggression I have not heard from them and tore the album apart with old school metal that has Ralf hitting notes he hasn’t recorded since his Gamma Ray days.

New is good, but sometimes returning to your roots is better. I guarantee you will love this album from the first listen. I really haven’t heard something this good in the power metal genre since fellow German’s Helloween were in their heyday. Primal Fear has always had a progressive feel to their music, but Unbreakable comes at you with horns blazing and heads banging.

From the incredible anthems Strike and Metal Nation to the sick/killer/amazing/wow/insert adjective here guitar work of Karlsson and Beyrodt in the 10 minute epic Where Angels Die your neck and voice will get tired trying to keep up with this masterpiece of metal.

The first single Bad Guys Wear Black shows some of the aggressive direction Primal Fear has taken the album, but you won’t get the full feel of Unbreakable unless you listen to it from start to finish. There is no way this album won’t be on my year end list for 2012: I make that prediction now.

By the way: I no longer have a man crush on Ralf Scheepers. Unbreakable has placed him on a pedestal where lowly me doesn’t deserve to love him.

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  1. Guadalupe on February 9, 2012 at 10:18 pm

    Quality related information! I have been hunting for things similar to this for a time these days. With thanks!

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