Thank Dan Lorenzo for The Cursed

December 23, 2011

Heavy Metal Blogs: The Cursed Room Full of SinnersA couple of weeks ago we ran a short blog and video (here) that Hades guitarist Dan Lorenzo made in tribute to Danzig and his dislike (or secret love affair) with Christmas. I just loved the video and the off the cuff remarks of Lorenzo who wasn’t taking himself too seriously and just wanted to share something with his fans.

Well it turns out even with Dan’s disdain for Christmas he inadvertently played Santa and placed a piece of music genius in my stocking this year. After the article ran Dan sent me a quick note thanking us for the article and sending me a link to his band “The Cursed.” From my first listen that day I have been blasting the hell out of the tracks I have been able to get my hands on.

The Cursed features most notably Dan of course and Overkill frontman Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth. With that combination of Overkill and Hades you would expect to have your face melted off, but the guys show some amazing musical diversity and created a sound that is Lemmy and Ozzy in bed together… Actually so you don’t have to picture that horrific scene, it’s a mixture of the hard riff oriented tones of Black Sabbath combined with the sometime frantic thrashing of Motorhead.

The CD called “Room Full Of Sinners” was actually released back in 2007 and although I wasn’t a metal writer back in that time frame I was quite surprised being a fan of Hades that I never heard of it. It’s a shame because that would have given me another five years to destroy my speakers.

If you head over to you can get details on how to get your copies. Dan Lorenzo is very hands on with his career and it’s refreshing to see a very successful musician handle things in a manner that is respectful to his many fans; of course if I had the catalogue of Hades and this masterpiece in Room Full of Sinners I might greet my fans with the same respect, because I know I have given them quality music to enjoy for years.

Just an afterthought: when you’re visiting the home of The Cursed send Dan an email and let him know how much you want to see The Cursed on the road and making new music. Tell him Martell sent you!

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