Review – Brand New Sin: United State

November 14, 2011

Heavy Metal Blogs: Brand New SinNormally when something comes at me from Clawhammer PR I put on my biohazard suit and get ready to have my face melted off, but all due credit to Scott and Ryan for expanding the sound they are promoting and adding a band like Brand New Sin to their stable of impressive metal stars.

Kris Wiechmann (vocals/guitar), Chuch Kahl (bass), Kevin Dean (drums), and new to the pact Tommy Matkowski (lead guitar) create what is often being referred to as blue collar hard rock or metal. I hate the term because the way most new musicians live they strive for blue collar, but I digress.

If you haven’t heard of the band you will be quite surprised to find out they have shared the stage with the likes of Motorhead, BLS, Clutch, and provided direct support for bands in on the level of Godsmack. They have several successful albums behind them and a solid fan base. Like any band they have had their ups and downs. Without even talking to them I can assume that means: money, shitty promoters, and promises of stardom that left unreached.

The best thing a band can due to put that past behind them is continue to tour the nation and make good music. If United State is any indication of the quality they possess than Brand New Sin is going to be just fine.

A combination of hard edge riffs and solos that have been lost on modern music make a very diverse album that lets you know the band is young and although they may not have found their complete sound with the newer line-up they are throwing things at the wall till they find the right hook for their brand. Under normal circumstances I would hate that, but from the hard driving songs to the ballads, to the instrumental pieces I was intrigued at the skill and talent they displayed on such variant sound. From my personal crank it in your car “Infamous” to the acoustic heart felt “Sad Wings,” Morgan and I were quite impressed with the bands ability to display the emotion of their writing, but not lose the intensity and fun that music is supposed to represent.

To listen to an album time and time again with a smile on your face one minute and hook in your heart the next is the sign of a special musical collection.

If I had any complaints on the album it would be the production seems to have made Kris’s voice seem very hollow in places. That is a “sin” because I know live this guy’s voice would be full and thick enough to pull off the harder edged music the band carries in their repertoire.

All of our dedicated readers know if production is the only issue I have with an album then it’s certainly worth picking up. Head over to to get details on United State. Tell them Martell sent you!

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One Response to Review – Brand New Sin: United State

  1. big_metal_al on January 25, 2012 at 1:07 pm

    Hey Bill, good review here. This album is really starting to grow on me.

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