Review: Dischordia’s Creator, Destroyer

October 28, 2011

When you think of Oklahoma you probably think of laid back country folk. If you were asked to consider the OK state in a musical context you might imagine the Broadway production, complete with singing cowboys. Neither scene sets the heart racing, right? What if I told you one of the most promising new metal bands in North America hailed from the dusty state that looks like a foam finger over the head of Texas? The band I’m referring to is Dischordia, who put out their debut EP Creator, Destroyer earlier this month. The group, led by vocalist Josh Turner, brings a fresh face and a fresh sound to the death metal scene.

Their album kicks off with the title song, Creator, Destroyer and it’s immediately apparent this group works as a well-oiled machine. Their sound is deep and pulsing, rhythmic. Turner’s growling, gargling lyrics over the band’s fast paced pounding produces the sound Satan’s car alarm makes. And, between Turner’s forceful, crafted verses, the instruments lay down impressive musical waves.

My favourite song on the EP is, without a doubt, the second track, Dark Passenger. Not only does this song stir the soul and pump the blood, but it tickles the imagination too. This is the music of dark nights and giant man-hunting bats; it’s the music to which the Armies of Darkness march; behind the band undead cheerleaders headbang in black skirts.

Dischordia’s music is structured and flowing, but it’s not predictable. It’s powerful and flexible. Just when you think the band has settled into a groove, just when they are on the verge of losing your attention, they stick their forked tongue into your ear, jolting you back into the experience of their performance. The last track on the album in particular mixes things up. It’s a long tune and it changes direction, leading one to wonder if this track, Radioactive Iodine 121, might once have been multiple songs, or if maybe the band just refused to stop playing once their recording session was over.

My only complaint with Creator, Destroyer is that it’s too short. The band really brought their A-game to this album and it left me wanting more.

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  1. Harvey on February 10, 2012 at 4:49 pm

    This is certainly something I must find more information about, thanks for the posting.

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