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Bruce Kulick VERSUS Tommy Thayer

October 30, 2011
Bruce Kulick VERSUS Tommy Thayer

Versus is a column that we have done in the past that was quite popular and something that I was asked to bring back. Basically what we do is take two albums, bands, or artists that are often associated with each other and compare them in a manner to see who has the most...

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Review: Dischordia’s Creator, Destroyer

October 28, 2011
Review: Dischordia’s Creator, Destroyer

When you think of Oklahoma you probably think of laid back country folk. If you were asked to consider the OK state in a musical context you might imagine the Broadway production, complete with singing cowboys. Neither scene sets the heart racing, right? What if I told you one of the most promising new...

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Soon! The Changes are Coming Soon!

October 27, 2011
Soon!  The Changes are Coming Soon!

Over the last two years of We Love Metal we have taken breaks for reasons of sanity, burn out, and just being damn lazy. But this last break was for a very good reason. To see if we were going forward or killing the metal mecca we have built. The site has grown tremendously...

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Let’s Talk About Music, Baby

October 9, 2011
Let’s Talk About Music, Baby

Music is sexy, isn’t it? It’s hard to deny there is something primal in the beat of a good song, something which wakes stirrings deep in our core. Of course, different forms of music take different approaches to awakening the lascivious beast that lies inside each of us. Pop music is all youth and...

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Feature Song
Cover Art

Own Worst Enemy

Feature Artist

I have to admit I was pretty shocked when I was doing my metal history and discovered that NWOBH...

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