Meliah Rage: Dead To The World

September 8, 2011

Heavy Metal Blogs: Meliah RageI have talked with the people at METAL ON METAL RECORDS and thought they were a pretty good group, but after the last couple of weeks I’m beginning to question if my instincts were wrong. I say this because they are trying to kill me. With my weakness for thrash, METAL ON METAL has been taking full advantage of that and bombarding me with awesome thrash band after awesome thrash band. The combination of hearing loss, sleep deprivation, and Morgan getting tired of the ear bleeding volume could easily have me turn up dead. Just when I thought these thrash peddling bastards were going to back off a little bit they sent over MELIAH RAGE.

MELIAH RAGE has been around since 1987 and has been punishing people with their power and thrash metal style over the course of 8 albums. Two interesting facts about the band are: the name is inspired by Meliah Indian War Tribes that took opium before heading out into battle, and GODSMACK front man SULLY ERNA was the lead singer for a brief time before turning to the dark side.

The bands last album was a reunion of sorts with original vocalist MIKE MUNRO and created a sort of groundswell for the band, but the album were looking at today DEAD TO THE WORLD is minus MUNRO and brings back long time vocalist PAUL SOUZA who in my opinion has a much bigger and more appropriate voice. I have no need to let nostalgia get in the way of good music. Feel free to find out more of the rich history of MELIAH RAGE with their detailed bio at

For now I want to get to some of my favourite songs on the album that has been destroying my home speakers over the last couple of weeks.

Starting with SKIN & BONES we hear excellent drum work and a sense of urgency normally associated with punk more than thrash. The overall instrumentals keep this song moving at a rapid pace. This is a very short song, but jam packed and effective. Sometimes short and to the point can tell a better story than long and drawn out.

More after the warp:

ABSOLUTE OBEDIENCE starts with some spoken word and breaks into a typical thrash rhythm that made me smile and throw the horns. Although I hate to say it: the song is catchy. The slower pacing shows the skill involved in showing restraint to tell a proper story in your music. More spoken word and appropriate placed break outs make this one awesome song.

Heavy Metal News: Meliah Rage

Where ABSOLUTE OBEDIENCE showed restraint, NEVER FOR ME shows the band letting it all hang out by building anticipation. The song is a great jamming experience and you can feel the band enjoying themselves. An awesome guitar solo shows MELIAH RAGE letting their instruments do most of the talking.

Overall DEAD TO THE WORLD is an excellent thrash album with killer vocals and incredible instrumentals. What I found MELIAH RAGE did well was bring the old school thrash, but in a manner that sounds very modern. With the current market and the desire for instrument driven music I feel that MELIAH RAGE has an album that could be quite successful.

For me personally MELIAH RAGE made my ears to bleed, almost caused a divorce, and kicked my ass. That’s metal!


Show me your horns,


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