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Remember: Three, Split, and Brutal

September 6, 2011

Heavy Metal Blogs: Plebiean Grandstand

http://throatruinerrecords.bigcartel.com is a company that apologizes for only one thing. Ruining your throat by you trying to immolate the vicious and brutal acts they continue to sign and promote. Whenever I see something come across the desk from THROAT RUINER I know that even on its lowest level, my head phones are going to destroy my concept of hearing.

This holds true for the latest release I’m looking at: a three way split between BONE DANCE, DIVIDER, and PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND. All three bands are considered to be hard core punk, but you realize by the end of the first lesson that each one of them stretches that definition to its limits. Within that, all three bands stretch it in a different direction.

BONE DANCE hailing from IDAHO has no plan on being your friend. This is backed up with their attempt at your life through music. With their chaotic hard core punk sludge they want you to remember their name and forget those they consider rivals. You can find more information on the band at www.myspace.com/thebonedance.

More after the warp:

Bone Dance in Heavy Metal BlogsOf their two contributions to the album I would like to cover CONNIVER. This is a track of mass confusion and noisy instrumentals. There are small guitar wails that were catchy, but there is nothing nice about this track. It’s a brutal piece of metal that can’t be described in words. A series of well-placed quick stops show their musicianship, but you will certainly remember the name BONEDANCE by the end if it doesn’t blow your ear drums.

DIVIDER from Long Island NY wants to create a sound that unites the hard core genre and sound with the urgency of punk. Many of my peers have likened their sound to something you would listen to in a bare knuckle boxing match. www.myspace.com/dividerli

Their song GAIA is a drastic change from the chaos of BONE DANCE with its slower pacing and classic punk influence. The drum work was what I was most impressed with and how the set survived the pounding it was taking. The vocal is a very harsh scream that helps the building momentum of the track. GAIA has a great hook and made the song that much more enjoyable.

PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND from France is becoming known underground for their trance like drums and throbbing bass lines. They had a great line on their MySpace page that claimed there might not be a second record because no one will survive the first one. www.myspace.com/plebeiangrandstand

Heavy Metal News: Divider

WOE IS ME is a part of the two tracks PLEBEIAN has on the split. The song in my notes is marked down as “scary and busy.” I also wrote down that it feels like you are being crushed by the sound. The intensity of this song is off the charts and makes you wonder if you could in fact survive a full length.

As far as the marketing tool a split is: this album does everything to make these three bands appealing in much different ways. The brutality of BONEDANCE, the urgency of DIVIDER, and the sheer intensity of PLEBEIAN GRANDSTAND are well displayed. If you dig underground bands and musical cardiac arrest then head over and pick up this split.


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