Undead Creep: The Ever-Burning Torch

August 23, 2011

Before we take a look at the band UNDEAD CREEP I’m going to share some of my favourite tracks off their full length debut album THE EVER-BURNING TORCH:

GOD’S DISDAIN starts us off with its rhythmic feel and classic growl. This doesn’t have the punk vibe I expected as the band declares Swedish Death Metal as their major influence. The song has a big feel and is very modernized in its instrumentals. For me this is just down and dirty death metal and that’s a good thing.

We move onto the thrash based ETERNAL REST. Once again I don’t feel the typical Swedish feel, but what the song lacks in Swedish it makes up for in intensity and aggression. The drums are very solid and the growls are menacing. The combination of the two sludge’s this song up and brings the “evil.”

More after the warp:

Heavy Metal Blogs: Undead Creep Album CoverSWALLOWED BY THE CHASM is exactly what I anticipated going into the album. A hardcore punk feel layered with the viciousness of classic death metal. This song could be strong in any era and shows a total band effort on all fronts. The song treats you very viciously and as for the drum work: sick!

The last track I want to talk about is SURVIVE THE AFTERMATH. The song is simply evil and eerie. The band starts jamming the song out including a classic yell of “go!” This is UNDEAD CREEEP at their absolute best. You might want to listen to this one alone because if you don’t a mosh pit with your 10 year old cousin might ensue.

I brought up the band’s music first because I wanted you to see the type of music they play on paper. UNDEAD CREEP is another in a long line of bands that says they want death metal to go back to the way it “should be!” This is a statement you hear all the time in all genres.

Looking and listening closely to UNDEAD CREEP you realize right away they are the way death metal has been and is. Varying styles and influences are displayed. THE EVER-BURNING TORCH is full of aggression and raw energy, violent out bursts, and instrument work that has been in the genre from the beginning of time.

They talk about Swedish Death Metal being their major influence, but there are a lot of other influences involved in their overall sound. We have thrash, groove, and just about everything else that has shaped all forms of metal through the ages. If you listen closely enough you even hear some of the influence of other Italian heavy weights like Firestorm, Golem, and Blasphemer; just to name a few.

What UNDEAD CREEP has is a solid death metal album that also contains the tracks from their 2009 demo. What I think they should focus on is the obvious leap their career has taken with the quality of this album. Instead of telling people what death metal should be, focus on what you have to offer. Turning off a listener of modern death metal might not be the best path because as music is circular everything is based on the past.

Heavy Metal News: Undead Creep Logo

From a music standpoint UNDEAD CREEP offers a solid debut that will be welcomed to the death metal community with open arms: if they let it!


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