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Versus the Nothing: Black Gloves

August 9, 2011

Heavy Metal Blogs: Versus the Nothing Black GlovesVERSUS THE NOTHING is no stranger to We Love Metal as we have done numerous stories on their touring through the news and we even took a detailed look at the band in anticipation of the EP we are going to look at today: BLACK GLOVES. You can find the back story on the band HERE and there is no point in hiding the fact that we have been looking forward to this release for quite some time.

Since I know what dedicated readers you all are, you have either read the story we just talked about or just clicked over there so you don’t feel the heaps of guilt I am trying to lay upon you. Since I have covered the post grunge Canadian’s in the past this is going to be my favourite kind of review; one that is all about the music.

BLACK GLOVES starts with the mainstream gang vocals of KILLER. The vocal work than builds into something much heavier and you instantly feel the diversity of VERSUS THE NOTHING that they are becoming very well known for. The hook featured in this song blends very well with the fresh voice of frontman ROSS ARCHIBALD. That fresh voice makes the aggressive parts of song stand out even more.

EXCUSE ME is up next with its advancing tempo and the faster pacing that is becoming the sign of modern ballads in hard rock. The song is about being on the road and for a band like VERSUS THE NOTHING that lives on the road this song is a great way for the listener to get to know the band in a much more intimate way. Musically though, the rhythm of the song steals the show and will having you humming it long after your first listen.

We follow EXCUSE ME with the slower beginning of RIVER. The vocal work is once again spot on and leads the way for some interesting instrumental work. RIVER shows a great side of the band that will back up a statement I made last year. VERSUS THE NOTHING is ready to play stadiums and arenas, RIVER cemented this for me.

More after the warp:

Heavy Metal News: Versus the NothingThe EP ends with the groovy feel of INVISIBLE ASYLUM. For some reason I kept feeling the song should be sung in a lower register, but the cool breakout and jamming spot make up for any misgivings I may have had. The track has great energy and shows yet another side of the band.

As I have always said EPs are great ways for bands to showcase their material. VERSUS THE NOTHING has done this with expert precision showing many different facets of their style. This is very important for a band that tours as much as VERUS THE NOTHING does. When you hear BLACK GLOVES you know right away why these guys can tour with anyone from BISON B.C. to the Celtic rockers THE STANFIELDS.

BLACK GLOVES by VERSUS THE NOTHING features something or everyone in a method that shows their bright future in music. Being commercially friendly, but not selling out to the mainstream music machine is something VERSUS THE NOTHING has balanced perfectly on BLACK GLOVES.

To simplify BLACK GLOVES is a kick ass EP that in years to come when you see VERSUS THE NOTHING headlining a world tour you will look back on fondly and remember when you heard the future of Canadian hard rock.


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2 Responses to Versus the Nothing: Black Gloves

  1. Versus the Nothing: Black Gloves « Asher|Music Publicist's Weblog on August 10, 2011 at 2:47 pm

    […] Versus the Nothing: Black Gloves. LikeBe the first to like this post. […]

  2. Jennifer Kate on August 10, 2011 at 6:59 pm

    Lotsa Love for my Versus Boys from the UK!!!!

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