The Rodeo Idiot Engine: Fools Will Crush the Crown

August 9, 2011

With the French underground continuing to pummel me with bands I’m pretty excited to say I found a band that plays a similar style to my French favourites HYPNO5E. I say similar because there are some technical elements that are shared, but ultimately the blackened mathcore of THE RODEO IDIOT ENGINE lacks the beauty and brings more of the brutality than some of my personal heroes in the genre.

What you will find from description and fan comments on is an obvious comparison to early DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN and their brutal onslaught of claustrophobic noise and chaos. What I easily define it as is mathcore and not to put labels on everything, but THE RODEO IDIOT ENGINE is the definition of what mathcore is and should be. Drop the blackened; this is just the way that mathcore was meant to be heard.

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Heavy Metal Blogs: The Rodeo Idiot EngineThere are several ways to look at mathcore, but in my mind it will always be highlighted by the constant noise experience and the time signatures that shift so often they aren’t even recognizable to a non-musician such as myself. CUP OF TEA and LAST BREATH off of TRIE’s new album FOOLS WILL CRUSH THE CROWN are prime examples of these two elements I need to call it good mathcore.

Another manner you can look at the genre is simply taking metalcore and adding the punishing elements of grindcore to equal mathcore. The technical side of the music is what most people point to, but for me once again it’s that bludgeoning noise and needing to catch your breath that signals masters of their trade. CROWN OF THORNS and 2011 VINTAGE are going to make you pause after each track concludes to wonder what in the hell just happened. Not to be vulgar, but holy fuck these tracks are intense.

Many point to the genre being started by Black Flag back in the early days, but the influence is rarely heard in the work of THE RODEO IDIOT ENGINE. Punk riffs are left to the side in the sake of bombarding and strangling you with a sound that is constant and nightmarish.

I hate to keep beating the dead horse, but mathcore is often misunderstood. You will hear names like Canadian icons ION DISSONANCE and PROTEST THE HERO grouped into the genre, but if you give them a listen and then put on FOOLS WILL CRUSH THE CROWN you will see a noticeable difference. Although playing those three bands back to back to back might be very bad for your overall health and sanity. ION and PROTEST take breaks and vary away from bludgeoning you with sound. TRIE never strays from their marked path.

Heavy Metal News: The Rodeo Idiot Engine Band Picture

Horror in music comes in many forms and we often look to fear in lyrics when thinking about the emotional elements of it. But what is any scarier than drowning; picture gasping for your last breath, but all that happens is your lungs continue to fill with water. That metaphoric water in this case is the sound of THE RODEO IDIOT ENGINE and their album FOOLS WILL CRUSH THE CROWN. The sound will fill you with the horror of drowning in a sea of brutality, but for some living on the darker side of life, this album will be a soundtrack to the horror we are all scared to admit we admire.


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