Sister: Hated

July 14, 2011

Heavy Metal Blogs: Sister Hated CoverI knew I was in trouble when talking to some fellow bloggers about the band SISTER because they all said, “you’re going to hate them. SISTER is just like the MURDERDOLLS.” The reason I was in trouble was because I really like the MURDERDOLLS. In fact last year’s album was on my year end list. I guess the only real issue I’m going to have is with those bloggers because their condemnation was more of a recommendation to me. Bring on SISTER!

Before we get to the new album HATED we should go over a few of the finer points of the band. The first major point is they are not the short lived glammed up band featuring Black Lawless of WASP and Nikki Sixx of MOTLEY CRUE. This SISTER formed in 2006 and quickly became part of that Swedish sleaze, punk, glam metal revolution that seems to be taking over with acts like HARDCORE SUPERSTAR and CRASH DIET.

Consisting of Jamie (vocals), Lestat (guitars), Rikki (bass), and Cari (drums) the band inked themselves a worldwide recording contract with Metal Blade Records coming off the success of their debut EP DEAD BOYS MAKING NOISE. That deal in 2010 has shot them to world recognition over the last year and if you delve into their psyche a little bit you will know that much like the sleaze bands of the early 80s, SISTER seems to live and breathe the lifestyle of dirty glam with memorable quotes like: “live the way you want and not how some narrow minded piece of shit tells you to.” Am I the only one that can picture Vince Neil saying that as he crawled out of a drunken stupor somewhere back in the day.

If you take the time and head over to you will see pictures of the live shows and you can actually feel the energy coming from the stills. These guys look the part, talk the part, but the question still remained: can they rock the part?

We find out after the warp:

To answer that question all you really have to do is play through HATED from front to back and then nod your head yes. If blaring guitars, thunderous arena style drums, and enough cursing to make the devil blush mark a good glam/sleaze album than SISTER has got a winner in HATED.

Jamie on vocals is on the harsher side of the vocal scale and doesn’t reach the notes that Bach or Neil did years ago, but in this case that’s a very good thing. The harsher vocals modernize the music and bring it more in step with the times. The guitar work of chief composer Lestat follows the same formula of screeching and soaring, but in a much more technical manner than that of someone like CC DeVille from the glam tunes of POISON.

Heavy Metal News: Sister Band Photo

As far as the MUDERDOLLS comparison goes I really don’t see it. Other than the heavier edged vocals the horror filled music of Jordison and company couldn’t be any further way from the party anthems of SISTER. What I can tell you as a fan of 80s glam is those old tracks are great and fun to listen to, but if you’re ready to move on with your musical tastes than SISTER is your first stop into this century.


Show me your horns,


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2 Responses to Sister: Hated

  1. FusionRise on July 14, 2011 at 11:31 pm

    They got a bit of a marilyn manson feel hey? I just heard them on onctane, they kick ass! Awesome post bro

  2. IFFY on July 16, 2011 at 7:07 am

    I don’t know about Marilyn Manson, but they do have some Murderdoll feel to them or Motley Crue stuck in a satanic church

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