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Rusty Pacemaker

June 21, 2011

Heavy Metal Blogs: Rusty Pacemaker Blackness & White Light Coverwww.rustypacemaker.com is going to give you some details about a solo artist that has literally done everything on his own. Rusty is self-taught on guitar, bass, vocals, recording, mixing, and even founded his own record company Solanum Records so he could continue the Do It Yourself trend.

From the span of 2003 to 2010 Rusty wrote and worked on his debut album Blackness and White Light. He managed to find a professional drummer to record on the album and built a home studio to do the necessary recording. I was very curious to hear his work because I have never came across someone that was so adamant about having complete control over his work, but at the same time is looking for feedback on a massive scale. Did his passion for this project come across on the album or is it just another DIY release that should be shelved and forgotten about?

To answer that harsh question all you really need to do is listen to one song: “cell.” The track features common concepts on the album with monotone vocals, many variations of guitar work, some psychedelic feel and Rusty Pacemaker wearing his heart on his sleeve. The passion we talked about earlier comes across as a soundtrack of a broken man.

The style could be called doom or stoner, but in all honesty Blackness and White Light is much more personal than a genre can define. Even with the inclusion of multiple instruments like piano and monotone flat female vocals you know that Rusty is expressing his emotion in the only way he may know how. Although I have been told by various musicians they may write sad music “just because” the music of Rusty Pacemaker is far too deep and sad to be written “just because.”

More after the warp:

The issues with the album can be noted as the obvious DIY production and the lack of vocal training from Rusty, but those small issues are quickly forgotten when you take the time to realize the hard work this man put into his art to share it with the world. This album isn’t something that is going to come across as sad and then become inspirational; this album begins on the upside of depressing and continues down the path to the depths of utter despair.

Heavy Metal News: Rusty Pacemaker Picture

Rusty’s work could easily gain a cult following based on how unusual it is. It’s not very often you come across an album that the feelings expressed are much more powerful than the presentation. By pouring his soul out to the listener Rusty has developed a relationship that goes far beyond the typical artist and fan. If you listen to Rusty’s work you feel you know him and want to help him.

Heavy Metal Blogs: Rusty Pacemaker Image

Overall I encourage you to check Blackness and White Light out because it will be unlike anything you have ever heard before. If you take the music seriously you will feel as though Rusty is giving you a piece of a tragic life. One can only hope this album proved to be therapeutic for him because it has made his career a lot brighter.

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