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The Phantom Carriage: New Thing

June 12, 2011

Heavy Metal Blogs: The Phantom Carriage New Thing CoverComing from the throat scrapings of Throatruiner Records is The Phantom Carriage and their album aptly titled “New Thing.” The reason I say aptly titled is because it’s certainly a thing and “newer” than anything I have heard this year. The part that concerns me is everything about The Phantom Carriage makes me smile. After hearing the full album I sat back and smiled. I enjoyed it on a weird level that just made me smile at the creativity instead of wince at the brutality. I in no way mean to offend them, but sometimes music just has to be enjoyed instead of critiqued to death.

Little is really known about the band, but their press release pretty much summed up their philosophy: “Musical open-mindedness turns to a plague only when one have shitty taste”, once said the prophet. You guess that’s not the case with THE PHANTOM CARRIAGE, who dare to assemble, in a total presumptuousness, the jazz-tainted black metal of DEATHSPELL OMEGA, the technical yet suffocating chaos of COMITY, added to their ORCHIDesque experience in TACITURN ( R.I.P ). For now way more loquacious than with their last embodiment, these five too bipolar butchers will be delighted to smash your cortex with their receding riffs and vicious throat scrapings. “New Thing” may just be their first offering, this porky half-hour may make a lot of their peers look elsewhere.” Now you can see why my smiling comment might offend them.

As for the album itself, it has some great points and the first is; if you head over to http://throatruinerrecords.bandcamp.com/album/new-thing you can download it for the massive price of “free.” The second selling point is the music itself. The amount of influences, styles, attitude, and who gives a fuck attitude makes for one complicated and simple album all at the same time.

More after the warp:

New Thing has so many elements we really need to break it down and list some of them so you have an idea of what you’re going into. There are screams, clean vocal work, the jumbling of different styles of music, and what sounds like samples. Although generally you hear a lot of these throughout the album the song “The Horses Feed Their Birds” feature all of them in one.

There is some unusual guitar scales and some Beastie Boy influenced rap pieces that are easily heard on “The Wreck of My Mental Ship.” On the flip side of that we have straight dirty and brutal death growls on “The Monument on Hendrick Hill.” Both are very well done, but obvious contrasts to the other.

The song that set me back in my chair was the jazz track “Black Rainfalls in Drops.” Yes, you read that right: jazz. It might become a form of jazz metal later in the track, but at first let me assure you this is a jazz song that is very well done. I was surprised by the quality and the fact that the band was willing to literally put that influence out there for the world to see. Very well done!

TPC even throws in some hardcore punk in the diverse track “16-04-10.” I wrote in my notes it’s like three songs in one so make sure you take advantage of the free download and check this one out.

Heavy Metal News: Throatruiner Records Logo

Overall I stick by my original words of The Phantom Carriage. Their enthusiasm, viciousness, and ability to mix the unheard of together makes for an original piece of work that words can’t do justice for. Just head over to the site and download the album; you never know when you will learn something or hear something that will just make you smile.

Show me your horns,


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