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Nimbatus: Cyclus Three

May 23, 2011

Heavy Metal Blogs: Nimbatus Cyclus Three Album CoverNimbatus is a one man project that appears to be intent on trying to change the world of music as we know it. The official formation of the project was in 2010, but Nimbatus has been working diligently since the early 90s to teach himself all techniques necessary to complete what I would call more works of art than music. Some of those lessons he has learned are the multiple instruments needed to pull off a grand scale primarily instrumental album such as this, but also producing, mixing, marketing, etc. Nimbatus is literally a one man project from the ground up.

With all the other tasks necessary to bring the records to life Nimbatus is obviously the chief song writer and has geared his instrumental pieces to be centered on various methods of guitar. Other instruments include piano, drums, and a lot of synth work to give Cyclus Three a very progressive feel.

All this hard work doesn’t seem like much to the man behind Nimbatus because this is his third album since his formation. That was only in 2010. Drawing influence from the likes of Opeth, Daylight Dies, Katonia, and the unusual Porcupine Tree has inspired this one man music machine to make three parts to his Cyclus and share them with the world for free. Having this much commitment shows that the music of Nimbatus is about much more than money or fame. It appears to be about sharing that drive and inspirations with others. On a side note the three albums including the one were about to look at, Cyclus Three are available for free download at http://nimbatus.bandcamp.com.

As for the album Cyclus Three it’s an experience in emotion that needs to be heard in order to be properly described. The reason I say that is because the songs are going to paint a different canvas for each listener. For me personally emotional music normally takes me to past events in my life, including any regrets I may harbor. However Cyclus Three kept me in the here and now and wondering what is going on around me.

More after the warp:

The mood of each song is set by layers and layers of sound and multiple guitar tunings that are all geared to create a darkness and sadness that rests within us all. Drawing on gothic, symphonic, and progressive metal has allowed Nimbatus the freedom to explore music by skipping genres and integrating them together to make the fans of each feel something different. I find doom very emotional so I had to take a step back from the music to realize the other elements because that’s what spoke to me. Once you listen with an open mind you know it’s not a doom record, but we gravitate to what we want and Nimbatus gives us lots to choose from.

Heavy Metal Blogs: Nimbatus Logo

The placement of the songs is very important in keeping that darkness alive in your thoughts. The record is a journey that begins early on the album and doesn’t conclude till the last note. A great example of this placement is the song: “Into the Void.”

This song contains the spoken word of artist Malinconica and is at a perfect point of the album. Just when the music has taken you to the brink the voice draws you back and centers you to the next piece. These few words are exactly what were needed to move the record forward and keep me engaged.

Nimbatus is a great addition to any collection. It’s not something I could listen to everyday because of the rawness it creates, but if you’re having a day where you just need to think about what happened or what about me, than place Cyclus Three on your play list and get ready for a journey to the darkest regions of your soul.

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