Show Review: We Brought The Hammers, They Brought the ANVIL

May 11, 2011

Heavy Metal Blogs: Anvil's Lips

Last night at Halifax Nova Scotia’s Paragon Theatre was one of those nights you will remember till the day you need your neck fused from head banging. ANVIL tore Halifax apart and made everyone realize that the “never say die attitude” we see in the documentary is nothing compared to the “take no prisoner” attitude when they hit the stage.

I witnessed ANVIL live in Moncton New Brunswick when they opened for AC/DC a couple of summers back, but not like I witnessed them last night. In the intimate setting of The Paragon, ANVIL showed us the true meaning of Metal on Metal.

Show review after the warp:

Heavy Metal Blogs: Iron Giant

The evening started with a performance by the Maritimes own Iron Giant. I’m shameful to admit this was my first time seeing the band live, but I was amazed at how well their material comes across in a live setting.

Their bluesy metal styling was well received by the very age diverse crowd. Although some technical issues hindered the performance, Iron Giant proved that adlibbing some drum solos and drinking some beer is “good enough for rock n roll.” I have a feeling our readers will be seeing more of Iron Giant in the near future.

Heavy Metal News: Anvil on Stage Live

After a short wait where we got to chat with Music Legends Interviewer Jason Saulnier; Lips, Robb, and Glenn 5 stormed on the stage and before I knew what happened Lips marched like a crab right down into the crowd. With a mob scene that I think was captured by Metal Mouth Media, Lips managed to suck up the glory of the crowd and not miss a single note. All ANVIL fans remember that feeling they had the first time they watched the documentary. Watching Lips in the crowd, gave me it all over again.

The show marched on at a frantic pace with Lips adlibbing with the crowd and just chatting like everyone was his best friend. The Halifax crowd was very warm and chanting ANVIL at every turn. We flew through “School Love” and the new instant classic “Juggernaut of Justice.” I can tell you that being a major ANVIL fan I wasn’t exactly taking notes so you will have to bear with me if I’m out of order on some of the finer points.

Heavy Metal Blogs: Lips Takes the Stage

Lips told a story about being in a hotel and standing behind a “little man” while asking where he could get some breakfast. That little man turned out to be DIO. Ronnie James was very excited to see Lips after such a long time and invited him for breakfast in his suite. The band saluted respect to Dio’s passing as Lips played the brief opening of “Heaven and Hell.” It was a very touching moment and something that saw cross generations of metal fans raise their horns to the master.

We also witnessed Robb Reiner proves his legendary status was earned, not given to him. Coming out of “Winged Assassin,” Robb tore into a massive drum solo, in which Lips told the crowd the harder they cheered the sicker and faster Robb would play. The crowd did their part and Robb gave it right back to them with a performance that showed why he helped lay the groundwork for metal drumming as we know it.

Heavy Metal News: Anvil's Glenn 5

Lips was not going to be outdone of course because he whipped out the “vibrator” and gave us a lesson in the filthier side of guitar solos. Between the vibrator and Lips talking through his guitar I can say without a doubt that I have never heard a more complicated and interesting guitar solo. With everything that surrounds ANVIL and their amazing story it might be easy for some to forget how technically gifted they are as musicians. They are one of the best sounding live bands I have ever heard and I don’t say that lightly.

Heavy Metal News: Anvil's Lips

The genuine appreciation and heartfelt thanks from the band were a major highlight for everyone. You always hear musicians thank crowds, but you rarely see it in their eyes. For anyone that has the opportunity to see a live ANVIL show I can tell you from one music lover to another, not only will you see a spectacular display of live music, but you will be adding another chapter to the story of Anvil. After “Mad Dog” and “Metal on Metal” we saw the band head into the crowd to greet their fans and show respect to all those that unite in their name.

Thank-you boys, can’t wait to see you again.

Show me your horns,


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3 Responses to Show Review: We Brought The Hammers, They Brought the ANVIL

  1. Anonymous on May 11, 2011 at 7:07 pm

    very cool!!!

  2. zmanflan on May 12, 2011 at 10:11 am

    brought my 60 year old buddy to his first metal show…at 6am, when he had to go work construction all day….he said” wow man, I had no idea”…hahahahaha…fantastic Iron Giant, Anvil fusion.cheers

  3. Anonymous on May 12, 2011 at 12:41 pm

    LOve it

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