All In One Night: 3 Inches of Blood and Cancer Bats

April 13, 2011

Heavy Metal Blogs: 3 Inches of Blood

Event announcements are normally something we can talk about in the news section, but when you bring together two bands in 3 Inches of Blood and Cancer Bats that we have done extensive coverage on, they deserve a bit more than a blurb.

On May 13th at The Paragon and May 14th at The Pavilion (all ages show) in Halifax you will have the opportunity to witness true metal and true hardcore punk.  Both bands have graced the Maritimes in the last little while, but having them both on the same bill gives you amazing value for your money.

The other amazing part is the local support acts are three that we love to witness and can’t wait to see again.  Orchid’s Curse, A Sight for Sewn Eyes, and “The Mighty” Black Moor.  If you’re a reader of this site you know our borderline stalking of Orchid’s and Black Moor.

More after the warp:

“The Warriors of the Great White North” tour is heading all over Canada and considering 3 Inches has spent time opening for Iron Maiden you have to realize how big of a deal this is.  Head over to to pick up your tickets today.  If I had the opportunity I would be attending both shows because both these bands promise something new every time out.

For our past coverage of Cancer Bats see: for an interview with Liam Cormier about Halifax and their career.  I also named their latest album #14 on my personal best of 2010.

Heavy Metal Blogs: Cancer Bats Logo

For past coverage of 3 Inches of Blood see: for a wild night out that Heavy Metal Momma and Vince Steele had at the last 3 Inches concert with exclusive pics that show you how things go down when these metal giants roll into town.

We Love Metal will continue to keep you updated with interviews, extended coverage, and any breaking news that comes out of these events.  Your only job is to read this site and buy your tickets.

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