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March 30, 2011

Heavy Metal Blogs: Stateline Empire Band Picture

In this interview we talk about Octane, working with the legendary Slash and Mike Clink, the future, influences, and writing meaningful, radio friendly music.

Interview (audio) after the warp:


Show me your horns,


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  1. Theressa Kotyk on March 31, 2011 at 12:41 am

    Hi there Kat…WOW, first of wanna CONGRATULATE U & Ur very awesome band, for how far u’ve come in the business, & all the hard work u boyz put into this, is majorly gonna pay off for u guys, & just that bringing ur music to the fans, I feel ur gonna just explode everywhere, and seriously and truly, Im so so very happy and congratlate u & State Line Empire, had the honors of working with one of my most, but millions most favorie musician ever to live, SLASH, I’ve been a fan of his, the day he first hit the business, & heard him make that guitar sing, was just fukking so amazing, & one of the best memories I’ve ever had, when I saw the origian GnR in Edmonton AB, for there 91/92/93 tour, absolutely rocked & truly still on of my most fav concerts, & been to my fair share, ha…I gotta say how jealous ha I am u gots to meet and work with Slash, hell id be a liar if I didn’t say so, but also with that said, Im so so very happy, that outta all them bands u guys concured it, & Slash choose ur band, know how wicked is that, wow total dream, to me…so guy I so admire and will contiue to support ur band, I super digs ur music,& hopes u makes a stop in Edmonton Alberta, oh how that would rock, if u did, man Id be trying super hard to get backstage, it would be a honor and a privledge to meet u & the everyone from State Line Empire, WOW that def would make yr HELL YEAH, been a son of a bitching yr, just lost my brother at 32 yrs old, to a massive heart attack and lack of blood flow to his brain, my ten yr old gurl found him, so been u could say one fuk of a rough road, but I bring him up, because he was also a man that could make his guitars sing, he amazed me. He was pickin em up yet when they were taller than him, ha…but our thing was music, were were extremly close, but must say music for me helps hell or at least get thru that day or moment, its amazing how one song, can bring back so many memories, & super theraputic, sure as hell knows I couldn’t live without music, it be game over…Im currently taking some guitar lessons to from a great buddy of ours that attended Paul McCartneys School Of Music, in Liverpool, OMG the talent he has, Lucky bastard to got to spend the day with McCartney, ha but anywho he’s giving me lessons, my bro started but we started to late, but i likes to sing so, but def no shortage of guitars, gots the Jackson, Dime Bag Razor Back, Gibson’s Les paul limited editon of 69, & a few others so should be covered lol..but was a joy to be able to write to u, would def think it’d be cool if we could touch base, just find u fascinating, & luvs listening to good things happening to good people, like urselfs, please don’t think im a nag, just a keeps it real gurl, thats a fan, and admire u and ur band for how far u’ve come, HUGE CONGRATULATIONS & MUCH MUCH more to come…

    Horms up!!!

    CHEERS & BEERS TO U & EVERYONE FROM STATE LINE EMPIRE, & DRIVE ME, aboslutely wicked tune totally…sent our Radio Stations here especially 97.3 k rock, & The Bear, to play ur some Drive me. so looking forward so has my radios going ha…

    ROCK ON!!! Please gets back, if time permits ya. 🙂

  2. Cat on March 31, 2011 at 12:54 pm

    Hey Theressa thanks for the words it means a lot to hear your story. Thanks for sharing and I cant tell you enough how much your support means to us!!!!


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