Frank Palangi: So Close

November 7, 2010

Heavy Metal Music Blogs: Frank PalangiIts going to sound much like I’m repeating a past blog from this week, but only the first part.  Frank Palangi is a solo artist from Upstate New York and as it states in his submission email he is very hardworking and trying to get his name out there.  A recommendation on him comes from our friend Jason Saulnier over at Good Time Metal Oldies so we made sure to give it a listen.

The part that sounds repetitive from earlier this week is this dude sounds in voice like Sully Erna of Godsmack.  If this is his natural voice then its great and one hell of a coincidence.  Where things are very different for us at We Love Metal is Frank gets play on Christian Rock Stations.  Considering we covered “Cradle of Filth” yesterday this is quite a jump for all of us involved.  Frank says he doesn’t want to be labelled and his music is based to just get a message out there.  I have no issue looking past Religious overtones because its about the music for me, but I hope others can do the same because it really is solid Hard Rock.

At the bottom of this blog you will find the new song “I’m Waiting” and if you head over to his myspace you can listen to all of his current music including my favorite “Feeling Alive.”  Its a very hard rock edge with solid guitar work.

Frank headed down to Nashville and started recording his new EP with the Grammy nominated band “Day of Fire.”  I think this is going to be the true test for Frank.  Two things that concern me. 1. Getting out of New York so people can see him and 2. Having the quality of the band High on Fire is hard to reproduce with a bunch of local guys on a county fair stage.  Frank is going to have to get some solid guys behind him that have the talent and passion that he does or some really good expensive hired hands.

The potential is immense and its going to be easier to talk about him once we hear the EP in full and see the direction of the new material.  Frank also tends not to play bars because he feels people are often to drunk to enjoy the music properly.  My message to that is don’t worry about that, even if you touch one person in the crowd and that person happens to be a big label it will all be worth it.  Play every show, at any time, and let the world hear your music.  I heard it and liked it.  Thank you.

Find “I’m Waiting” after the warp:

Show me your horns,


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2 Responses to Frank Palangi: So Close

  1. Tweets that mention Frank Palangi: So Close -- on November 7, 2010 at 12:12 pm

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Frank Palangi and We Love Metal, We Love Metal. We Love Metal said: New face on the scene of New York: […]

  2. Heavy Metal Momma on November 11, 2010 at 10:19 pm

    yeah sounds like godsmack. the image in the pic is totally misleading tho! man, he looks country/Ah Ha Pop artistish.
    and yup, i agree, play any place that will have you. limiting will limit exposure. you just never know who is in the crowd or who is on their night off and listening. could be a new fan, could be an important connection to a record label or the next big gig

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