Deep Purple: Come Taste the Band – Again!

November 4, 2010

Heavy Metal Music Blogs: Deep Purple Come Taste the BandThe 35 Anniversary 2CD set of Deep Purple’s Come Taste the Band was sent to us a couple of weeks ago and I have been giving it some listens.  I don’t normally review reissues because the originals have normally been talked into the ground so what’s the point. Actually I don’t even usually mention them, but many things stand out with this album that need to be talked about.  Very few of them have to do with the music.

 To me albums that are reissues need to be classic groundbreaking albums that help define a classic band.  Deep Purple as you know is often considered to be one of the founding three of Heavy Metal.  By listening to Come Taste the Band you would never know that.  Don’t get me wrong the album is good on its own merit for a soulful, rock album.

 Is that the route that our beloved Deep Purple took?  Yes and No!  You see “Come Taste the Band” has David Coverdale on vocals, not Ian Gillian.  Also it doesn’t have the Guitar God Ritchie Blackmore, it has Tommy Bolin.  So you take the two big members out of the equation and you get back into the age-old debate of do the members make the band?  In this case yes!

 David Coverdale is Whitesnake.  He got a lot of fame out of Deep Purple, but his legacy rests in Whitesnake.  He did the albums Burn, Stormbringer, and of course Come Taste the Band with Deep Purple and they sold well, but not to the point of being classics.

 Ritchie Blackmore went on to great fame with Rainbow with Dio and I think with my generation you will find more people know him for Rainbow, but still he was the mighty guitar behind Deep Purple.

 Its seems in my opinion when Coverdale came on board Deep Purple seemed to go towards the Funk/Rock and away from the dynamic sound that made them one of the hands in the Heavy Metal pot.  So why in the hell would you release an album that isn’t the sound of classic Deep Purple people seem to be looking for?  Funny thing is this is the second re-issue.  In 1990 they did the same thing.

The current re-issue has 2 discs.  One with original tracks and one with enhanced tracks.  There are a couple of rare releases on it as well, but I think we have determined this is from the era of Deep Purple that is less then favored in the modern world.  Coverdale and Gillan isn’t the hardcore debate of Ozzy and Dio.  Fight if you want, but its not.

 I personally think this is just a cash grab for people that want the sound of Deep Purple to take them back to the days of early Metal.  Wow are they in for one hell of a surprise.  Keep your money people, if you like Deep Purple put on some “Smoke on the Water” and enjoy the voice of Deep Purple Ian Gillian and the solos of Blackmore.

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2 Responses to Deep Purple: Come Taste the Band – Again!

  1. Deep Purple on November 9, 2010 at 8:50 pm

    […] Deep Purple: Come Taste the Band – Again! […] Fuck that!

  2. Brussel on November 10, 2010 at 6:24 am

    Deep Purple: Come Taste a Band – Again! Losing respect for the metal bands of the past is sad. :(

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