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The Hits are Awesome, But Is New Better?

October 29, 2010

Heavy Metal Blogs: Poison Greatest HitsI was checking out one of my favorite websites www.bringbackglam.com and she did an article on the new Poison Box Set that is coming out.  What the Glam Godess Alyson was saying is its time for Poison to make some new music because we have heard the same songs, same set lists, and same Poison for 25+ years.  We need something new.  You can find the article here.

The question comes up do people want new music?  I think the really dedicated fans are very hungry for the new stuff.  When I go to a Motley Concert I need to hear my favorite songs from Saints of Los Angeles but I have seen Crue a couple of times now.  The other night I saw Bret Micheals for the first time and loved hearing the Poison tunes and didn’t really care if I heard any of his new stuff, but the new stuff is Bret Micheals, not Poison.

I guess where this question really comes into play is with RATT.  They came out with an album “Infestation” that is great.  Wonderful new material that is really representative of RATT and their legacy.  I have never seen RATT live, we have done numerous columns on them, and phone interviews, but never have I seen Stephen and the boys grace the stage.  So when I get the opportunity to see them do I want all the old hits or the new stuff.  How about both!  It wasn’t really that long ago that bands toured on new albums and included three or four tracks, but made sure the crowd got all the songs they wanted to hear.

Heavy Metal Blogs: Motley Crue Greatest HitsWhere this gets interesting is Iron Maiden just came off a touring schedule where they did newer material from the late 90’s and 2K’s.  Hardcore Maiden fans were thrilled with the innovative set list, other fans were pissed they didn’t get to hear “Run to the Hills” and “Trooper.”  I personally would have been one of those pissed off fans, but I also want to hear the new stuff so I guess I can’t be pleased.

I have been working on a review of Lori’s new album for the past week (should be posted tomorrow) and this guy continues to make new music where as he could tour in Europe off the success of their past stuff.

Set lists are obviously a different beast then albums, but the two go together when it comes to fans.  We all go to concerts and expect to hear certain things, but the only way the band is going to know this is if we post on their message boards, hit their social media sites, and give them some ideas.  It must be very difficult to sit around and make up a set list thinking you know what people want to hear.  A good example is Motley Crue plays “Saints”, “MF of the Year”, and “White Trash Circus”, but I would love to hear “Down at the Whiskey.”  I posted this on a Metal board and enough people commented and agreed that maybe someone should inform Motley that people want to hear it.

Poison on the other hand continues to rely on the old stuff and assume their fans don’t want anything new from the band, or their to damn lazy to make a new record.  Whatever it is, a good sign to the band that people are sick of hearing that same set list would be a downturn in attendance.  Will that happen?  Personally I think it will!  So Poison and any other Heritage act should realize to keep us interested and to protect that legacy you cash in on; its time to make some new tunes.

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