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The Struggle with Vince Neil

October 23, 2010

We all know that me being me is a big Motley Crue fan and I”m not scared to admit it.  In my younger years I would defend the bands actions with the “boys will be boys” attitude.  Even reading The Dirt and realizing the impact their antics had on the lives of others was easily blown off, but as I get older it seems to get harder and harder for me.

Mick Mars was in the depths of addiction for most of his life due to his illness, his actions never really represented it, but still an addict.  Mick seems to have learned to deal with the crippling sickness and move his life in a positive direction with Motley and by doing some side projects like Murderdolls.

Tommy Lee also spent quite a bit of time on the drug binges and had numerous issues with the law including but not limited to spousal abuse.  At this point in his life it seems Tommy is all about music and making it fun.  His kids fit into that picture and he seems to be very happy.

Nikki Sixx who at one time was legally dead from a Heroine Overdose has made a remarkable recovery from his addiction for 10 years now.  He is a best selling author, radio show host, record company CEO, and has many music projects on the go such as Sixx AM and keeping the Motley machine rolling.

Then we have Vince Neil…

Heavy Metal Blogs: Vince NeilThe video you watched above is of Vince with his solo band playing Live Wire on Oct 15th, its not bad I have to say considering some of the train wreck performances Vince has been accused of having.  Now to the left is a mug shot of Vince that was taken on June 28th after he failed 3 sobriety tests and was charged with DUI.

Now that I”m older its a struggle to write this off as “boys will be boys” considering he is 49.  In 1984 Vince was involved in something that damaged the reputation of Heavy Metal and the feelings of a family.  That incident of course was the Death of Hanoi Rocks Razzle.  Vince’s best friend, who was in the car with him during an accident that a drunken Vince Neil was responsible for.  I genuinly believe Vince thinks about that everyday and regrets starting that car, but why has he taken that risk time and time again?

In “The Dirt” Vince makes reference to being on a Motorcycle intoxicated and almost killing some by-standers, he has been arrested for apparent DUI one other time I could find, and there has been numerous assault charges laid (some revoked) that involved alcohol.  So what is the major difference between Vince and his bandmates?

Most people I bring this up to say Vince just can’t seem to grow up.  Well Vince has done other things extremely well.  He has many successful business ventures including tattoo parlours and Tequilla.  His solo act does well around the Country, and of course he has come to grips with the fact that he needs Motley as much as they need him.

I guess there is no answer.  All I can really say is I struggle with him so much because I’m such a big fan, but I fear for the legacy of Motley.  Vince has made his own bed, but Nikki and the boys have worked hard to give Motley the respect and legacy they have deserved for quite some time.

What I can do is ask Vince to understand the lives his dangerous antics effect and understand how the people behind you are having a much harder time justifying your actions! We are growing up.  Please join us!

Show Your Horns,


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