Walkin’ With A Scumdog!

October 14, 2010

Heavy Metal Blogs: Oderus of GWAR for the Zombie Walk

They say to properly understand someone you have to walk a mile in their shoes.  Thats a great saying, but if that person is Oderus Urungus of GWAR do you really want to do it?  I think the easiest thing would be to walk with him and learn the secrets of the cosmos.  If that sounds better your going to get the opportunity on Oct 23rd for the Toronto Zombie Walk – http://www.torontozombiewalk.ca.

For some reason the undead have named the Scumdog as their marshall, complete with letting him do some opening remarks. Scares the hell out of me what he’s going to say and if he is willing to eat babies I have no idea what he is going to do to Zombies. If your organs aren’t to rotten consider yourself lunch!

More GWAR news after the warp:

Thats all well and good for the folks in Toronto, they have an upclose look at the man or beast of musical mayhem!  Out East we have something even better.  GWAR will be playing the New Palace in Halifax on Oct 20th.  The Palace isn’t a large venue so you can count on being up close and deaf.  The show is part of Halifax Pop Explosion so when your done with GWAR there is lots more going on.

GWAR is also celebrating the upcoming release on November 9th of the new album “Bloody Pit of Horror.”  As you know it will rot your guts and make your ears bleed, but all in a good way.  A full review of the album will be up soon because you know how much We Love Metal loves a little GWAR.

Hail Oderus and his news making ways!

Heavy Metal Blogs: GWAR Bloody Pit of Horror

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