Review: Jorn’s Dio

July 8, 2010

Jorn LiveA couple of weeks ago we did a peice on Jorn’s tribute song to Ronnie James Dio.  We got a good response from it and some questions on when the full Dio tribute album was coming out.  Well folks its close.  July 27th is the date in fact and let me tell you, its worth sleeping outside of the record store for or just pre-ordering over ITunes….lol

As my passion for Dio is known by all this album was scary to me because I was scared they would kill the amazing music of my idol and use it to simply make money off his death.  Not the case.  This album is jam packed with some well known songs and some of the lesser known cuts, but everyone of them is crammed with the passion that Jorn feels for his idol and mentor Ronnie James Dio.

The tracks stay very close to the originals and vary only with the differences in Jorn’s voice.  When you hear “Stand Up and Shout” and “Kill the King” it will bring a tear to your eye once again for the great loss that the Metal community has suffered.

“Don’t Talk to Strangers” and “Lord of the Last Day” might be mixed a little different, but you have to trust that Jorn has done a great job in mastering the technical vocal ability of the master.  Its hard to review this album because if your a true fan all I can tell you is: Your Going To Love This!

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The track listing is:

  • Song For Ronnie James
  • Invisible
  • Shame On The Night
  • Push
  • Stand Up And Shout
  • Don’t Talk To Strangers
  • Lord Of The Last Day
  • Night People
  • Sacred Heart
  • Sunset Superman
  • Lonely is the word Letters From Earth
  • Kill The King
  • Straight Through The Heart (Live)

This is a direct quote from Jorn via his website:

“Many people are too busy trying to reinvent the wheel, forgetting the talent, quality and originality of the people that paved the way, like Ronnie James Dio.My intentions for writing ”Song for Ronnie James” was to bow down and pay respect to one of the greatest, most influential and unique artists the world has ever known.When Ronnie passed away so sudden, I wasn¨’t sure whether or not the release of the song should be postponed for a while, but we decided to proceed with the release of the song as planned. “Song for Ronnie James” was written before Ronnie got sick last year, and it makes me sad to know that he never got to hear it. Without Ronnie’s presence, I would not have become the artist I am today.”

As you can see this album is pure emotion, but at the same time gives you the feeling that Ronnie’s legacy will live on in many established artists as well as future artists.  RIP Ronnie James and enjoy your tributes.

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