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Matt Sorum:

Matt Sorum Ė Whoring on the Drums again!
September 3, 2009

James Hetfield

As many of you have seen on Heavy Metal news sites Mikkey Dee of Motorhead is going on vacation. Well being in a Malaysian Jungle with cameras following your every move waiting for you to cry ďIím a Celebrity, Get Me Out of HereĒ is vacation compared to touring with Lemmy. Anyway Motorhead is going on tour without Mikkey Dee so they called up the original Drum Whore: Matt Sorum.

Matt is known for his time in The Cult and that little band with Duff and Slash called Velvet Revolver. There is another band he was in as well, but the name escapes me, it had the words guns roses in it I think.

Sorum is extremely talented and well known in this industry and should be respected, but this Heavy Metal Blogger canít help but feel everything Matt touches becomes dirty. Itís like your wife going away for the weekend and you inviting the local prostitute over to cook your meals. It might not be technically wrong, but ethically itís just dirty.

But really thatís not my call as Lemmy is Lemmy and will make up his own mind when it comes to everything Motorhead. Matt will likely bring in some more mainstream fans if its advertised that he is on the skins. Lemmy better be careful though, Scott Weiland always claimed that Matt was taking over the vocals at some VR shows. It would be funny to see Matt singing Orgasmatron, but it would be funnier seeing Lemmy whipping his ass out back.

Maybe I just donít like Sorum and donít want him to taint the legend that is Lemmy. Or maybe Matt Sorum is really a whore. He is one of the founders of Camp Freddy, which is a whore band, with musicians cycling in and out all the time. A great concept and perfect for the drumming streetwalker Sorum. Actually thatís the only band he formed and didnít sub into a fulltime gig.

I certainly would go to the concert and enjoy it, but I must say I would need a shower after to wash off the Sorum.

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