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Heavy Metal Ranting and Musing

Random Musing or Bitching
September 1, 2009

Poison Bass Player: Bobby Dall

Just a list of some things Iíve been thinking about or bitching about. Lets rock it:

- Why is Bon Jovi and Poison subbing in Bass Players? I didnít even know that they had bass players.

- I think Iíve had enough outdoor concerts to last a lifetime. If one more stinky smelly dude that knows nothing about music slams into me Iím going to snap. Donít worry I say this every year.

- Iím actually border line excited to be media at the GWAR/Lamb of God concert, but as Heavy Metal Momma said, ďWhat do we protect the camera with from the blood.Ē

- Rumor had it Heaven & Hell were breaking up! Why would they do that, they finally got to tour without Ozzy or Bill Ward. Things are good now.

- Speaking of Ozzy, he had a nine year old play on stage with him at Blizzcon. Ozzy is dead to me now.

- Was Dragon Force famous before Guitar Hero? I think I just answered my own question.

- How in the hell am I going to get Morgan to a Metallica concert when theyíre in the area. Might have to pull a Mr. T and knock her out before the show.

- Does Kip Winger realize how terrible the name Kip is?

- Garage Days was just awful, I mean awful.

- 3 Inches of Blood is coming to Halifax. That would be great if I had a sweet clue what was in their catalogue. Since my brain is obviously full with shit I canít take the time to look it up either.

- Does Mick Mars take the same injections as Ozzy does to play on stage. If they do they might want to switch to the shit that Dio is taking.

- Dee Snider and Sebastian Bach are country boys now. WOW, next weíll have Odeus in opera.

- The site is expanding like crazy, hard to keep up. If you like this article format let me know. It was fun to just bitch.

Show me your horns,