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Heavy Metal Bitching:

Martell’s Ranting & Bitching #2:
September 16, 2009

Mick Mars

I loved the first time so much I thought I would do it again. Enjoy my Heavy Metal Ranting and Bitching… in blog form.

- Gwar was an incredible interview. Oderus is just as sharp live as you see on Red Eye. The concert is going to be great.

- So tired of Heavy Metal Sites making a big deal out of interviews with bands that only 5 people have heard of and they are all relatives.

- Why in the hell is Sebastian Bach playing with Big & Rich? Also who in the hell is Big & Rich?

- Rockband will be experiencing a name change to “The Game for People Who Like Pussies” after this Beatles fiasco.

- When is Motley Crue going to admit that Mick Mars has been dead for years and what we see is just Robotics. Although even a robot Mick Mars is better then a live Kerry King.

- Really enjoying Mastadon lately. Wish I would have taken the time at Heavy MTL to stop drinking and go watch them.

- Megadeth’s Endgame is incredible and the new Three Days Grace song “Break” is equally amazing. See how I put Megadeth and 3DG in the same sentence, weird eh?

- I follow Rob Thomas on Twitter. Why?

- Its funny that all Metal Sites claim to be in the game to promote Metal to the masses, but when one site gets exclusive content the others rarely help promote it unless the webmasters share crack pipes together.

- A site based out of Moncton NB is claiming Cruefest is coming to Moncton. Just to let these arseholes know. Cruefest is over!

That was fun, later.

Show me your horns,